4 Most Common Problems Faced During Train Journeys

So most of our country’s population travels by the railways. Although the airways are the fastest means of transport and can be much more comfortable and luxurious, not everyone can afford it. Travelling by airways definitely has its own benefits. One can save an incredible amount of time while travelling by the airways, whereas the same could take days when it comes to travelling by the railways. But yet many people prefer travelling by the train instead of taking a flight due to the simple reasons such as:

  • Very expensive when compared to railways. So not everyone can easily afford it.
  • People are often not very comfortable in travelling by the airways.
  • Airways are not found to services to many parts of the country that are already touched by the railways.

A large mass of the country’s population still travels by the railways. But there are some concerning issues that have come up that make train journeys not so comfortable.

So below I am mentioning the reasons what makes train journey’s a pure nightmare for everyone:

  1. Food- getting good train food is pretty difficult these days. The availability of pantry car was made to make the journey of the passengers even more comfortable. But sadly some of the trains provide very poor quality of food. Sometimes the food from the pantry car is unhygienic and simply tastes bland. Many passengers have complained about receiving stale food. This is something the railways must work upon. Also many trains do not have pantry cars, this causes inconvenience for the passengers as they have to go and buy meals for themselves from stalls providing catering services in the railway stations.
  2. Toilets- toilets become a major concern for every individual while travelling. Everybody prefers their own bathroom and their own toilet seat. But sadly when you travel you do not get that. And sadly to mention the train toilets are very poorly maintained. People dread going to the loo in trains unless and until it is an emergency. An improvement in the hygiene of the toilets will definitely help the passengers in having a smooth journey.
  3. Other amenities- now we all know that whenever a new passenger comes to their coach, the coach attendant is supposed to give them a pack of fresh towel, sheets and blankets. Often the passengers have complained about sheets being dirty and used. So it is the job of the attendants to be more careful with their duties and help the travel time of the passenger go smoothly.
  4. Train delays- there are hardly any trains these days that run on the correct schedule. Valuing time is concept lost on Indians sometimes, and according to me, it is one of the biggest problems that has to be solved by the Indian railways. Train delays often tend to wreck our schedules and no one could tell how late the train could get. So it would be really nice if our trains were more punctual saving our precious time and money.

If the government helps the passengers with some of the basic and most common problems faced by them, then I am sure the number of people travelling by trains will definitely increase. Trains are perhaps one of the most reliable forms of transport. They are not just cheap but also convenient for long distances. But these problems have led down number of commuters all over the country. But if the above said problems are solved by the Indian railways, the passengers will no more suffer. So the railways should thus strive hard to give its passengers a better journey experience. I hope you have a pleasant train journey though!


Sandeep is an expert blogger and travel advisor. He writes majorly on trips and journeys made on trains and buses from one place to another.

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