5-Day Travel Plan To Warsaw And Its Area

Nothing works for an off-the-beaten-track kind of holiday like Poland’s vibrant capital.


Warsaw is a city that combines carefully preserved history with a drive towards innovation. Brand new shiny skyscrapers where many international companies are located can be found side by side with pre-war brick buildings and characteristic brutalist architecture.


If you’re planning to visit Warsaw, here’s a 5-day travel plan to help you make the most out of your visit.


Day 1


Start your Warsaw adventure with checking out the Old Town. It’s not as small as it looks like and if you like art you’ll feel right at home. Be sure to visit the Royal Castle – it houses some interesting exhibits that tell the story of the city.


You can’t miss out on the famous Palace of Culture and Science which dominates over Warsaw’s skyline and serves as the city’s symbol. Climb to its top floors for an amazing view of the entire metropolis.


Now that you got some hustle and bustle of the city center, it’s time to quiet down. Head to Lazienki Park to enjoy its natural beauty and join crowds of tourists by the picturesque Lazienki Palace located by the water.


Finish your day with a stroll along Nowy Swiat street – it will lead you to lovely Krakowskie Przedmiescie street and the Old Town. Grab a bite here as well, the restaurant range is really impressive.


Day 2


A must-see of Warsaw is Wilanow Palace, which is surrounded by an amazing garden. Make sure to check out the museum as well – you get to see beautiful rooms furnished in a style similar to the kind of interiors where Polish nobility used to live.


For some art and history, head to Warsaw National Museum. You can have lunch at the museum’s cafe, and continue your exploration of Polish arts and crafts.


In the evening, check out the Copernicus Science Center – it often holds special shows and nighttime exhibitions. Finish your day with a drink in one of the bars scattered along the Vistula river.


Day 3


Start your day with a visit to the interactive Museum of Frederic Chopin. It’s situated in a beautiful villa just behind Nowy Swiat street – it’s a real treat for all music lovers.


For a moment of relaxation, have a walk in the beautiful Saxon Garden and make sure to visit the Grave of the Unknown Soldier which commemorates the lives lost in battles that shaped Poland’s tragic history.


If you’re in a pensive mood, visit Powazki cemetery. This is where you can find some of the most beautiful historical graves of significant figures in Polish history and culture. Finish your day with breathtaking views at the Panorama Bar and Lounge.


Day 4


Dedicate this day to a trip outside Warsaw. On your way to the military fortress at Modlin, make sure to check out Palmiry. Located right at the edge of the scenic Kampinos forest, Palmiry was the site of mass Jewish executions by the Nazis during the Second World War.


Today, you’ll find a special cemetery there which commemorates the horrors Polish and Jewish communities suffered during that time.


From there you can easily reach Modlin Fortress, an impressive building dating back to the 19th century. Some parts of the fortress are open to visitors – have a look around, and visit Tatar Tower and White Tower to admire the military glory of the past.


Day 5


It’s a good idea to dedicate your last day to explore the area around Warsaw and visit the Otwock Wielki Palace. It’s located around 20 miles south of Warsaw, and it’s bound to take your breath away.


The palace used to be a popular site for hosting guests of kings and presidents, and no wonder – it’s a stunning piece of architecture. The combination of the bright red roof and white facade, with plenty of greenery and water surrounding the building is just stunning.


This 5-day plan will help you see the best of Warsaw in a few days, and learn plenty about Polish history and culture during your short stay at the country’s captivating capital.

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