All You Need to Know About a Medium Duty Caster

What are medium-duty casters?

HOD medium-duty casters have been designed with large diameter wheels. They have ball raceways that have been hardened for a stronger and longer service. There are many different options available on the market. You can find medium-duty casters with different colours, wheel types, brakes, and design. Most of them are employed as food equipment transportation, and other home or business operations.

HOD medium duty casters can be used for hospital beds, luggage carts, waste disposal trucks, pharmaceutical equipment, and laundry carts. They are manufactured using a durable plate and zinc together with stainless steel which gives them superior quality and durability. HOD medium duty casters are designed to carry heavy loads starting from the minimum 500 lbs to a maximum 900 lbs. A medium-duty caster can have several brake options, including a locking brake which secures the swivel and the wheels.

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What are the main components of a HOD Medium duty caster?

  • Bearings
  • Brakes
  • Caster
  • Axle

What are the features of a HOD medium duty caster?

  • Has double ball raceways that have been hardened for more strength and durability.
  • Has spacers on the wheels for easy rolling.
  • Is plated with zinc and black, which makes it corrosion resistant and gives it a good look.
  • The axle is well fixed and up to the standards.
  • The plate can turn 90 degrees.

How should you select the best HOD caster for your work?

  • Load rating. It is essential to check the load rating that you intend to carry using the caster wheel. You should also select the one which has the highest speed, such as those can do two miles per hour for better performances during work.

  • The size of the wheel and the hardness of the tread

When acquiring a caster wheel, wheel size is another major factor to consider. Wheels with larger diameters can roll much easier compared to those that have smaller wheels. The wider the wheel could increase surface where the wheel interact with the floor, which can protect both the floor and the caster. However, such a situation could be a challenge in rolling compared to narrow treads. It is therefore recommended to purchase a medium duty caster with hard tread wheels since they can move conveniently and can carry heavier loads. This combination makes it more efficient, and the best choice under specific condition introduced above.

  • Floor choice

Medium duty casters with soft treads usually protect the floors while being efficient during operation. The wheels, however, cannot be used in carpeted floors as this may damage the surface. On the other hand, industries with solid grounds designed from metal debris and steel grating that makes it rough should use hard tread wheels for their operations.

  • The operating conditions of the wheel

When considering purchasing a type of caster wheel, how you use it is crucial, and we recommend you to think this through before making further steps.

You should consider factors such as noise pollution, the speed at which it is rolling, whether or not it is suitable for all temperatures, impacts when it comes into contact with water or grease, as well as the kind of power to be used to control the wheel, such as if it is manually pushed or other means like electricity or gas.

  • Safety

It would help if you considered the safety of the user and other ergonomic factors. Bear in mind that this machine will be operated by a man and how safe is that individual in the workplace connects to the security level of the caster. Therefore, picking a wheel with a wider-diameter will enable it to roll smoothly. Choose the wheels with anti-friction option as they will move easily and make the work efficient.

  • Check on the costs

The initial cost of the caster is vital at the beginning, but you should also consider future costs and how this will reduce or increase your value as you use it in your business. It would be best if you think about the cost of maintenance and replacement. Wheels that have been proven to last longer include elements such as bigger weights, larger wheels and well-designed bearings.

  • Climate variations and the wheel

You should purchase a caster with wheels that can withstand different types of climate, especially if you are going to use it for outdoor operations. For instance, standard bearing’s grease usually hardens at temperatures of about 20, which prevents further rolling of the wheel. Hence stopping the wheel from moving. We suggest you to ask our experts to explain and give an appropriate choice for your region and the business you are running.

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What are the differences between hard tread wheels and soft one?

When selecting the appropriate wheel for your company, it is crucial to understand a few concepts and the features of each wheel, so that you know if it will suit your business and give you a smooth operation. Hard tread wheels are considered to carry heavier loads compared to soft tread wheels. The hard wheels do not flatten on the ground, which makes it roll efficiently with a simple push. Hard wheels can be moved conveniently, carry heavy loads, move both light and heavy loads and can be used in carpeted floors.

Examples of hard wheels include dura foam, poly II urethane, poly II poly, duratex, semi-steel and phenolic. Soft tread wheels may not roll easily on carpeted grounds and cannot carry heavier loads. The most preferred ones are those with hard tread wheels.

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Wheel types used for medium-duty casters include:

  • HOD Cushinex supreme. This type of wheel has a soft rubber that has been moulded to prevent the hard rubber core.
  • HOD Spartan supreme. It is a black hard rubber tread that has been moulded to act as a block to the rubber core.
  • HOD Poly II rubber is another type of the medium-duty caster which has been moulded with the polypropylene core.
  • HOD Poly II wheel design. This has been developed with interlocking tunnels, which helps in the prevention of treads detachment from the core. It allows the tread to move comfortably through the core channels when it has been moulded.

The wheel design has two significant options involved, which are grease seal cover and the thread guard design. Grease seal cover provides opportunities such as a dust cover. The cover is enhanced for protecting the lower and upper raceways. The grease seal cover also ensures it is lubricated and does not allow any moisture to enter in. This model offers protection of the swivel, which improves performance and increases durability. The thread guard, on the other hand, has been developed such that it blocks objects which may obstruct rotation from coming into contact with the wheel axle. However, this design cannot be used with wheel brakes. Most of the wheels have this kind of thread guard since to ensure efficiency.

HOD Caster medium duty casters are the most popular caters that are used in various capacities right from home to industries and any other businesses. They are of high quality and value, and their functionality are incredible.

Anyone can make an order of this medium casters and start enjoying the efficiency in the experience in their businesses. Medium duty casters can be bought from online shops such as Alibaba. They are indeed the incredible and the best choice for your business operations.

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