An Overview of Physiotherapy and How to Choose a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is recommended for treating many physical injuries which have a negative effect on a person’s ability to move freely and perform every-day activities. Once the problem is determined and the cause is assessed, physiotherapy can also be used for the treatment of the problem. This can result in enhancement of mobility and this can ease the functionality in physical movement.

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Every case is individually studied by physiotherapists and the entire medical history is taken in consideration before recommending the prescribed form of physiotherapy. Following this, a physical examination is conducted which helps in recognizing the cause of the problem and the professionals come up with the ideal plan. The management plan generally consists of physical therapy and certain exercises. Some mechanical devices are also prescribed to be used by the patients but the exercise plan includes manual exercises.

History, Origin, and Benefits of Physiotherapy

  • The beginning of the practice of physiotherapy far transcends modern science and goes as far back as Galen and Hippocrates. These eminent personalities are believed to be the very first people to have advocated the physical therapies and their benefits for healthy living. They had found that several common ailments related to the joints can be easily managed through manual therapy and massage.

  • The art of physiotherapy which is practiced today was found around the end of the nineteenth century. After this, the techniques of physiotherapy went on to be used globally. It was enthusiastically embraced by a lot of people looking for an alternative to conventional medicine which was now leaning more and more on chemically engineered drugs.  In this situation, physiotherapy was like a breath of fresh air as it proposed treatments that not only cured common physical ailments in a targeted way but was also helpful in maintaining overall physical wellbeing.

  • Most of the time, the professionals see the patients suffering from muscular conditions. These can cause varying degrees of pain and discomfort and also affect easy movement. These are just some physical problems that a physiotherapist can help you with. If you are thinking of consulting a therapist, here are some guidelines to help you choose the best service:

Method of Treatment


Generally, therapists are learned in a number of different methods of treatment. However, they may be practicing certain specializations such as electrotherapy, movement or massage. There are many professionals that have theoretical and practical knowledge about the use of alternative treatments that are somewhat different from traditional pain relief techniques. Therefore, make sure which particular type of treatment you would prefer before choosing a physiotherapist.

Where Will the Sessions Take Place?

Some physiotherapists prefer to carry out the session at therapy centers or their own private facility while some offer at-home service. Where you want the sessions to take place depends on your convenience and must be kept in mind when choosing a physiotherapist. If you want the sessions to take place at your home, you can narrow down your choices by crossing out those services that don’t provide door-to-door service.


One of the most important things that you must consider before hiring a physiotherapist is whether he/she possesses accreditation. This is a clear indication of qualifications and good quality of service. An accreditation ensures that they fulfill all the requirements and professional standards. Therapists who possess accreditations are often providers of the best care and excellent service.

Therefore, ever since the introduction of modern physiotherapy it has been soaked up by people all over the world and is increasingly being used as a technique of diagnosis and efficient form of rehabilitation.

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