Enjoy The Exciting Adventure Camping in Bangalore

Are you adventurous at heart? Do not want to waste your precious time sitting at home, but want to explore the world and go for rock climbing? Then check out the different events and programs that are organized in the city of Bangalore and its outskirts from time to time. It is always wise to select an event that interests you in the real sense. It is important to select a good one, so as to enjoy the benefits.

Enjoy rock climbing in Bangalore


Event: Adventure Summer Camp, Coorg

Date: Monday, 8 May, 2017

Time: 6 am

Organized by: Budding Explorers

Venue: Coorg

Fee: Rs. 21,500

Details: The organizers do believe in making aware the guardians and parents of what is to be expected during the camps, so as to have full understanding of the different types of activities, various aspects and about safety. The instructors are all well trained and certified, having ample experience to conduct adventure sports as well as outdoor camps that are meant for children within 9-20 age.


Event: Makali Durga

Date: Saturday, 6 May, 2017

Time: 10 pm

Organized by: Quest Adventures

Venue: Makali Durga, Mumbai

Fee: Rs. 1144

Details: It is located north of Bangalore city by about 60 km and close to Doddaballapur town. It is considered to be among the finest destination to undergo adventure activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, trekking and others. This hill is about 4430 ft in height and has lush vegetation around. It has fascinating views and challenging routes, thus serving as a fabulous trekking destination for those who want the very best adrenaline challenge during their trip.


Event: GO Gokarna! The Lone Arabian Beauty

Date: Saturday, 29 April, 2017

Time: 8 am

Organized by: Tent N Trek

Venue: Gokarna

Details: If you find your Goa plans to fail, then why get disappointed? Again, you may find Bali to be too far and Lakshadweep far too expensive and beyond your budget. Then you can also head towards Gokarna, which is termed to be the lone Arabian beauty. It is one of the amazing beaches in the country that you are sure to love. It is considered to be an offbeat and exciting beach destination, where the sky is said to meet the sea. You may perhaps not be aware of going trekking by ocean or undertaking in rock climbing activities by the sea! It is now possible for you to enjoy all of them at a single place known popularly as Gokarna. Here you can undertake bouldering along the coast, beach trek, get lost in this isolated island, or simply try out those delicious classic sea food.

Bangalore and its surrounding regions do offer you with fabulous options to explore enjoy and celebrate freedom. You can indulge in your favorite fun filled, exciting experience something that you can cherish for a very long time and also discuss proudly with your friends. You should not miss out on anything this excitement and catch it live, well within the budget. So go and spend some time in Bangalore and  experience some exiting adventurer life. It is always wise to select an event that interests you in the real sense. It is important to select a good one, so as to enjoy the benefits.

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