Essential Guide to a Stylish Event at Home

Throwing parties at home for whatever occasion is great, you get to invite people over and enjoy some good times together but planning parties can also be a lot of hard work, preparation and stress. To help you with that to-do list we give you our essential guide to have that party run smoothly and be stylish as well.

Prepare the space

Since the first impression is important, present your house in the best possible way. Clean everything, start well in advance, it doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to be clean and fresh. Pay special attention to the kitchen and the bathroom and the area where the guests will be entertained. Set the table and remove extra furniture the day before. Make room for coats. Burn some incense sticks on the day of the party.

Decor Inspiration


If you have chosen a special theme for the party, it will be easier to decorate the house. There are many ideas online. Be aware that the decoration will determine the general feel and look of your party. If you just want it to be stylish, pay special attention to accessories and lighting. Adjusting or getting some specific lighting fixtures will change the atmosphere and the mood. Add lanterns, lamps, vases, flowers, elegant throws and cushions, candle holders and candles, get a sequin table runner or a chic tablecloth. Don’t forget balloons, garlands, hanging decorations, pinwheels and door hangers.


Table inspiration

The easiest method of serving food is a buffet. You won’t have to provide everyone with cutlery if everything is finger food, but you will certainly have plates and forks available. Make sure they are in an agreeable design, they can be plain white but avoid anything too bold. It is good to have a food selection that will cater to all tastes, including vegetarian dishes, and plain raw veggie snacks. Seeds and nuts are also a good choice. If would be a good idea to ask if people follow any special dietary regimens so that you can have something for everyone.


Garden Party 2

It is best to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Having a wide selection of drinks available is making sure everyone can have something to drink. Have cold drinks but have some kept in room temperature as well. Prepare lots of ice, umbrellas, olives, cherries and lemon, decorate it with some mint leaves. Offer good quality brands of drink and make sure you have enough glassware, it is not a good idea to have people drink from bottles. It is also advisable to have plenty of water available. Just in case you need to get more drinks, be sure to know which bottle shops are open late.


This is very important, hire a good DJ if you can, or ask someone who knows music to be the party DJ. If you are doing it by yourself, make sure you prepare the playlist before the party, and adjust it so that most people will like it. Avoid extreme genres and go for easy-going, chill or disco. Whatever music you chose, it should be positive and get people in a good mood.

These are the basics, always ask for help when preparing a party, no one can do everything by themselves, and most people will ask if you need help, before or during the party. Accept it, and remember to enjoy yourself!


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