Growing Bamboos in Your Garden for Asian Touch

Growing Bamboos in Your Garden for Asian Touch

There is something exotic and versatile about bamboos. Including them in your garden is an amazing way to bring an oriental design right into your garden. We live in a chaotic world and gardens should be a place of rest for you.

The beauty of gardens lies in your ability to maintain it. One of the tools you would need to buy is any best backpack sprayer. With the best backpack sprayer, you will be able to spray needful chemicals on your garden plants to help prevent pest invasion. Bamboo comes in a variety of different colors with their stalks ranging from reds and yellows to light and dark greens.

If you would love to add these exotic oriental plants to your garden, here are few tips on how to plant, care for, and maintain bamboos.

Choosing a Suitable Location

For most garden plants, many of us tend to take the idealness of a location of the crop. If you are planning on growing bamboos in your garden, you may want to take this factor a little more seriously than you would normally do. Bamboos are plants you can rightly categorize as ‘versatile plants’. Bamboos are sun loving plants are will do better if placed in a location that affords them good access to sunlight.

Planting the Bamboo

At this point it is safe to assume you have selected the best place to plant the bamboo. Once this is done, this takes us right into the planting stage. The bamboo stem in your hand has a ‘rootball’ in which its roots are attached. You would need to dig a hole that is big enough (twice the side of the root base) to hold the bamboo.

Placing the soil to backfill the hole should be done in such a way that it fills up completely. A good way to achieve this would be to tamp down on the soil as gently as possible. Bamboos are water loving plants and tend to grow better and faster when given adequate quantity of water. Once the backfilling is done, add water to help close up any leftover air pockets.

Ensure Proper Care

When most people look at bamboos, they usually think it takes forever to get that lovely length. The irony of it is that it usually has a quick and thick growth. As earlier stated, caring of bamboos should start with the available quantity of water it gets. It is recommended that bamboos get at least an inch of water every week.

You can either achieve this quantity of water by depending on rainfall or using best backpack sprayer or a combination of both. It also requires sufficient nutrients. Add organic mulches to help protect the roots and decompose to add nutrients.

Understanding Bamboo Growth

Sooner than later, you will have to deal with controlling the growth of your bamboo. There are several varieties of bamboos out there and it all depends on which you have in your garden. The more aggressive variety tends to grow faster and quicker than its counterpart. You can control growth by installing a barrier to totally surround the bamboo.


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