How Purchasing Wholesale Diamonds Can Save You Money

When looking to acquire a stunning diamond engagement ring, many guys mistakenly think that having the ring designed and created involves big bucks, when in reality, approaching a diamond wholesaler can really save you some money. People are under the impression that to buy wholesale diamonds, you have to make a bulk purchase, yet you can make contact with a reputable diamond dealer and actually choose the stones for the ring.

Wholesale Diamond Dealers:

Buying loose stones saves you a lot of money, as you are cutting out the middleman, and by buying the loose stones from a custom jeweller, you can create the perfect diamond engagement ring at an affordable price.

A quick search on Google should lead you to a reputable diamond seller near your area. There is, for example, a dealer of affordable wholesale diamonds in Brisbane who has an extensive collection of premier loose diamonds. When you factor in the cost of having the ring custom made, the price suddenly seems very reasonable.

One Of A Kind:

It is perfectly fitting that the engagement ring should be a one-off creation, and by sourcing the right wholesale diamond dealer, you have the very best in-ring design at your disposal and the great thing about creating the engagement ring is it costs no more than buying an off-the-shelf ring. If the ring is to be a surprise, then do your research on her jewellery preferences and make sure you know her ring size, but if she also has a say in the ring design, even better. A lot of men are willing to sacrifice the surprise element if it ensures that she loves the ring.

Avoid Dealing With The Retailer:

We all know how business works; the wholesaler sells to the retailer, who, in turn, sells to the consumer, and each party adds their slice of the profit, which the consumer ends up paying. Yet by approaching the right wholesale diamond dealer, you are not only purchasing the stones at wholesale prices, but you are also having the ring designed and made by the wholesaler, and that means you don’t have to deal with a retailer at all! Most retailers are looking to make at least 20% on a sale, and by approaching a wholesale diamond merchant, that’s 20% that you are saving. A quick search on Google should lead you to articles on saving money by acquiring loose diamonds and having the ring custom made, which highlights the many benefits.

Design Expertise:

Some wholesale diamond dealers are award-winning ring designers, and if you deal with such a company, you can have the best of both worlds, a uniquely stunning ring at an affordable price. The diamond wholesaler is happy to spend as much time on the design as is necessary, to ensure that you are happy with the concept, and with your choice of setting and band, the ring will truly be one of a kind.

This is most definitely a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, which demands a custom-designed diamond ring that symbolizes your eternal love for your bride-to-be, and what’s more, you will save some money that can go towards the house deposit.

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