How to spend a day in Madrid, Spain?

Madrid; capital of Spain is vast, all modern and boast a population of around four million that’s growing gradually. The streets and public venues are lively, full of surprises lined with shops and bars of all shapes and sizes. If you’re planning a trip or permanent residency in the spectacular capital city, check how to make most of the day and make it exciting!

Cycle tour

Cycle tour Madrid Spain

Don’t miss some of the prettiest sights when in Madrid such as royal buildings and plazas, parks, marketplace and more. The best way to explore all in a jiffy is possible with a bicycle tour. The lap round starts around the Temple of Debod which is there from the second century BC and looks stunning at sunrise. Take a break for morning espresso and head back from where you started with your possessions. Thanks for quick response.

To El-Rastro for shopping

To El-Rastro for shopping Madrid Spain

Brighten up your Sunday afternoon in Madrid sprinting across the streets of La Latina to El-Rastro where the city’s oldest flea market is. Bargaining is the only way to shop for quality goods at a desired price so you should be good at it. While you’re here, try barquillos (crispy, thin wafer rolls) and admire artificial designer bags, antiques, vinyl records (rather surprising), used clothes and much more.

Get acquainted with the diverse culture

culture Madrid Spain

Once a tobacco factory, La Tabacalera in Lavapies today is nothing more than a decrepit building. It occupies an entire city block, serving as a community-owned canvas for some of the most aspiring street musicians and urban artists. The corridors are heaved with graffiti connecting to numerous workshops and studios. Rather eerie; the place gives an edge when you crave learning about the deep and diverse culture.

The high-ceilinged entrance hall is all vibrant and a definite sight to see. People gather here to watch the grunge band but the best is a can of beer for just one euro. Poke your heads further into the room-like shops and you’ll find them occupied with bike mechanics, novice drummers and print artists.

Tapas munch at Mercado de San Miguel

Tapas munch at Mercado de San Miguel

You’d probably worked up an appetite while heading towards Mercado de San Miguel! The place is perfect for a late lunch set against the early 20th century structure made of glass and twisted iron in pure Mercado style. Though pricey, tapas here are like no other in Spain and that’s reason enough to visit here and satisfy your appetite. You’ll probably take some home!

A quick nap

To get you all charged for the night calls for a quick nap in the late evening. Lay down in the sofa by the balcony, watch hustle and bustle while sipping at fresh fruit juice. Rest your eyes for an hour or two and it’s enough to get you go.


With so much to do in Madrid, you need to move easily and free of restrictions for which Spain citizenship by investment is the best option. So why not apply today and take the chance to enjoy the pure Spanish lifestyle in the vivid capital city!


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