Mexican and Thai Food – Distant Twins

A recent visit to Gurgaon made me realize that Thai food is pretty popular in India and especially in Gurgaon. I am one of those typical Indians who loves the desi food to the core. Apart from the occasional indulgence in Italian and Chinese cuisine, I never really ventured to extend my taste buds beyond.

So you can imagine my surprise when I was lead into relishing Thai food by a dear friend

My friend is one of those regulars who lives by the motto ‘order food online in Gurgaon’. FreshMenu is his new best friend. He loves food from all over the world and that’s what he is getting from them. So, long story short, he introduced me Thai Food ordered online.

The first thing that hits anyone new to Thai cuisine is the spice. Atleast the dish that I had was. This much is similar to most Indian dishes. But if one were to observe beyond the spice, Thai food is quite a burst of tastes.  I felt much like Remy’s brother rat from Ratatouille when all those tastes started exploding in my mouth.

The guiding principle in Thai food is harmony. The ingredients used are mostly contradictory in the basic flavor but the way they are all cooked brings out the harmony finally. This particular cuisine is heavily influenced both by the Eastern and Western cooking. Plus, it draws most of its thinking from Buddhism. That is how it originally started. Over a period of time, with a global audience for Thai food, all kinds of variations started happening. These were my findings as a food lover. Needless to say that my dear friend who treated me to piping hot, home delivered food from FreshMenu got me hooked onto this cuisine of contrasts.

My curiosity got the better of me. I ventured to read, learn, experiment with Thai food. Ofcourse I did most of my ordering through aggregators that were delivering for ‘order food online in Gurgaon’. This tech enabled eating experience enabled me to taste the best of Thai food right in India. My taste buds were introduced to Som Tam, Pad Thai, Tom Yam Goong and many other wonderful Thai dishes.

The thing that sets apart Thai food from other kinds of cuisines really is the blend of flavors and spices. Some might argue that the Thai love their chillies the most and use them generously. Now this is a relative thing. What some find spicy may not be the case for some others. Yes, there are Thai dishes have a good helping of peppers but not all of them. Venture out to eat Thai food for a blend of flavors that will leave you wondering in awe.

Thai food like most Asian food has multiple options in the cuisine. There are salads, soups, dips, single dishes, curries as well as desserts. One can go the full length to explore the whole section or just restrict to a favourite section. Either ways, Thai food offers a variety that will leave you wanting to taste more.So whether your pockets or deep or shallow you can order your thai food of options around you. Apps that help to order food online have made it easy with genuine reviews as well  as ratings too.


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