Most Beautiful Water Bodies of Kerala

It’s none other than the pure, beautiful and serine water bodies of Kerala which makes it ‘God’s own country’. And if you get the cheap flights tickets to reach this place it will be like a cherry on top of the cake. Amidst of these enchanting rivers and lakes, one could assume the presence of paradise on earth. Various small rivulets make water bodies locked from all sides, further these water bodies steadily transmutes themselves in big lakes and rivers. At a time these flowing lakes get stagnated however they are continuous flourished by rainfalls and fresh waters. The charismatic beauty of these lakes almost touches every visitor’s heart and certainly is the best part of any Kerala tour packages.

So, here are the lists of 5 of the most beautiful lakes spread over the region of Kerala.

  • Vembanad lake

This so popular lake holds the privilege of being the longest lake in India and largest in Kerala. The lake is so long that it actually covers several districts of Kerala like Alappuzha, Ernakulam and Kottayam. Kerala offers several lakes but this green algae rich Vembanand Lake is the major tourist attraction. Several others rivers and lakes submerge in this lake constituting its depth. The famous annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race is conducted on this very lake, where huge numbers of visitors gather which reflects it importance. Boating and fishing are the other two activities which can be enjoyed on this lake.

  • Ashtamudi lake

Ashtamudi literally means eight cornered in Malayalam language. It has 8 tentacles or channel going in to the green island makes this 16 km long lake second largest and deepest lake in Kerala. The shape of the lake looks like a palm tree but locals refer it as octopus. With such a vast surface area this lake offers visitors several unique features like one could find more than 100 varieties of fish in the lake due to healthy ecosystem. Also, birdwatcher would get delighted to witness various species flying above the lake.

  • Sasthamkotta Lake

This lake hold a very important place in Kerala’s wetland ecosystem as it is the largest freshwater lake in India. It derived its name from the famous Sastha temple situated on the bank of the river. This ancient temple is visited by thousand of Hindu devotee who believes that it protects the good in ‘Kalyug’ from evil. The fresh and pure water of the lake is even used for drinking purposes to many districts nearby. Also, the lake is a habitat for several aquatic faunas which is worth to watch.

  • Pookode lake

The lake is situated in the Waynad district of the Kerala. This lake is popular for its geographical stand as it is surrounded by evergreen forests which embrace several wild animals, birds, insects and slopes at an altitude of 770m above sea level. The lake is shaped like Indian map and major attraction for the tourists is the blue lotus and fresh water fishes. Boat ride, spices emporium and fresh water aquarium could also be cherished here.

  • Vellayani Lake

One you visit Trivandrum; don’t afford to miss this gorgeous fresh water lake just 9 km away. The lake attracts tourists mainly on full moon light as the calm and placid surface of the lake acts as a mirror and reflects it light which is a breath taking sight for anyone. One should surely witness the boat race here, organized at the time of Onam festival. For spending some romantic moments Vellayani Lake would be the perfect place.

Hope this article helps all those who are making grounds to visit Kerala in coming vacations. And for those who are still in confusion, I suggest them to do visit this southern region to get to know why it is called God’s own country.

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