Tips about Selecting a Hydration Backpack

If you are a hot fan of hiking or sporting, a running hydration pack must be something you cannot miss, which not only ensures the water needed during your journey but also helps you gain the convenience. To learn more about the hydration backpack, you could follow our steps mentioned below.


Advantages of water backpack compared with a water bottle

Easy to drink during exercise: unless you are riding or strolling, you need to stop or slow down to use the water bottle. Only the water backpack can make you drink quickly in all kinds of sports.

Easy to maintain the body’s moisture: The volume of the water bag is 2-3L, which can carry more drinking water than most kettles less than 1L. The convenience feature also enables you to replenish the water at any time, so using the water backpack can more effectively keep your body in the best condition.

Some tips on choosing water backpack

Comfort and stability: for the water backpack that needs to be carried, it needs to keep stable and comfortable in sports. For sports like running, the water backpack that can’t stay stable or comfortable will also affect the body movement. To achieve the best stability and comfort, the bag is either attached with a wide belt or adopted a design concept similar to the cantilevered design.

Compatibility of water suction pipes: since the famous water backpacks all have the function of quick removal of water suction pipes, their water suction pipes can also be easily exchanged for use. The purchase of such products not only means that you can efficiently complete the pipeline cleaning work but can also easily replace the suction pipe and nozzle.

Pressure or non-pressure: the main difference between pressure and non-pressure water bags is whether to use the mouth to suck when drinking water. Although a pressurized water backpack is more comfortable to drink and has some other functions (alternative uses such as drinking water and cleaning dirt for accompanying dogs), it increases the price, weight, and complexity of use.

Whether to consider winter use: if you plan to use water bags in winter, you have to face the problem that the water suction pipe may freeze. But you can buy a separately sold water pipe insulation sleeve or an integrated heat insulation water suction pipe to solve this problem. Because most of the backpacks in the evaluation have excellent heat preservation function, you don’t need to worry about the water bag freezing.


How to choose the right product

Knowing before buying a water backpack will undoubtedly increase the chances of selecting the right product. Here you need to understand the following three aspects.

Different types of water backpacks: although each water backpack can cope with a variety of outdoor activities, products with distinctive positioning will undoubtedly bring twice the result with half the effort for specific events. Many full-size water backpacks are versatile for outdoor sports, but if you take part in running or mountain cycling, it is necessary to choose a product with unique functions. For example, water backpacks located on mountain bikes usually have spine protection function, while water backpacks with helmet storage functions are more conducive to long-distance riding or climbing activities.

Different weights of water backpacks: light water backpacks are mainly positioned to carry water bags, even if they have some pockets only for the convenience of carrying small items such as keys and mobile phones. They are especially suitable for running because of the stability and comfort of their reduced weight and size (see Introduction to water backpacks for best running purposes).

Different capacity of water backpack: for various outdoor sports, a large capacity water backpack undoubtedly has better adaptability. A giant capacity water backpack not only means that you can carry more items but also means that you can be compatible with a giant capacity water bag. But one thing you have to understand is that the nominal capacity of the water backpack includes the size of the water bag in the bag. A 10L water backpack with a 3L water bag means you can only use the remaining 7L to store the items you carry.



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Have you gained a general idea of the hydration backpack? Not everyone needs one, but once you get started, you will not want to miss the hydration backpack of Indepman.

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