Tips for Cleaning Up After a House Party

A party in your home can be fun, but cleaning up afterward may not be as exciting and enjoyable. However, since it’s your house, you have no choice but do the cleaning and put it back to its normal state pre-party. It may be a challenging thing that you dread to do, but here are some tips to make the process more manageable.

Prepare beforehand

When you host a party, expect that there will be a mess to clean after it. However, you can do something even before the party to minimize the clutter. Make sure to lock rooms that are off limits to guests. When they get drunk, they could get in without your knowledge, but if they are locked, you’re safe. Put breakable items in the locked rooms or in cabinets where you know they will be secure. See to it that you have cloths and paper towels in areas visible to guests and easy for them to reach so they can clean up when they spill something. Putting garbage bins in the party area can also encourage them to dispose of trash themselves.

Eliminate the smell

Whether you clean up immediately after the party or the morning after, the smell of smoke, sweat, vomit, and alcohol can be overwhelming. Open the curtains and windows to eliminate the odor and to let fresh air in. You will feel refreshed, and you will be more energized to tackle the job.

Collect bottles and dispose of leftovers

Wear gloves because you never know what you’ll touch when cleaning. Be careful as there may be broken glasses or bottles that could hurt you. Get a sturdy garbage bag where you can put the things that you need to throw away like empty cups and bottles. You may keep unopened liquors and snacks, but dispose of those partially consumed.

Check the rooms one by one

Unless the rooms are locked, the guests could wander around the house and get in these areas. You may be surprised that someone snoozed off in one of them. Check for things that they may have left there like cans or bottles of beers. Start from the farthest room so it will be easier to determine which areas you have already worked on.

Clean the dishes

Depending on the number of guests you had, you may need several loads to clean all your dishes. While waiting for the cycle to complete, you can also work on other things around the kitchen like wiping tables and countertops.

Clean the floor

Mop the floor with the right cleaning solution depending on its material. There are floor materials that require specialized cleaning solutions for cleaning, while others are good with a soap and water mixture. If you have a carpet, use the vacuum to eliminate dirt.

Once done with the cleaning, it’s time to put things back to where they belong so your home will be back to its former state. When it comes to your trash, a company specializing in junk removal in West Palm Beach can help eliminate it for you.

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