Tips on how to prune your favorite trees

downloadWith passing of the winter, and the arrival of the spring, it is impossible to oversee that trees need care. One of the most delicate matters connected with trees is of course, pruning. Basically, it means that you are going to cut off some branches for various reasons. What are those reasons, and how to do it in the best possible way could be found in this article, so if you are new in this type of business, read on to find out. Also, many experienced gardeners can use this text for quick reminder, so bookmarking is advised.


Well, one of the most common reasons for pruning is so that tree can grow faster and stronger. This is not a coincidence, for there are some new branches, which basically grow, but there is no use of them. They simply waste overall strength and water from the tree, so cutting those off will help the tree as whole. Also, dead wood is a threat for a tree, for it represents great landing ground and entering point for huge array of insects, which can afterwards find their way to the core of the tree, and then is usually too late, for the tree will wilt and die out. Broken branches leave stubs behind them, and this works the same way as the dead wood. Core of the tree becomes exposed, and insects and diseases can penetrate the tree much faster than usual. Also, branches which can somehow get in the way should be considered for cutting, such as too low, so you cannot pass underneath, and those which grew too high, so they might get tangled in power lines, and even sever them.


download (1)Depending on the case you have, different timing should be considered. Stubs from broken branches can be cut off as soon as possible, so that it may seal more quickly. But, if you have a case of dead wood, the best timing is during summer, so that those branches without leaves can be easily spotted and cut off. Pruning mustn’t be done when buds have developed, so it is for the best to do so late in the winter, or early in spring. In that way the tree won’t be weakened by cutting off branches. Additionally, those branches which represent nuisance should be cut off immediately, or as soon as possible. Also, pruning can be done for forming the treetop and undertaking suitable for late winter as well. So, if you are bored during winter time, this is what you could do.


Considering tools which will be required, this is not much of a fuss. In most of the cases, for thinner branches you can use gardening scissors without any problem, while those thicker should be severed by saw. I recommend hacksaw with tiny saw teeth, for this will cut the branch nice and neat. Those with bigger saw teeth might work as well, but it rather rips the wood than cutting it. As for the place on the branch itself, again it depends on thickness of the branch. If it is of bigger ones, first make a cut on the lower side of the branch, slightly further than the real cut will be. Now, when you are going to cut it off, it won’t be torn and the bark won’t be torn in stripes, but rather nice. When it comes to rotten and dead branches, and pruning in general, it is for the best to cut few inches above branch collar. You will recognize this part of the tree by the broad, swollen wood on the joint of the branch and the trunk.

What to do with the cut off branches?

A friend of mine who works for tree pruning company based in Sydney told me recently that this is one of the main reasons why people call them. They can provide safe disposal of the waste, so you don’t need to bother. Also, if you are uncertain about your skills, I strongly recommend calling a professional help, for no matter how tree is large and seems strong, it is yet fragile and sensitive, so must be taken care of with extreme caution.

So, with everything said taken into consideration, I think that you have bigger picture now when it comes to pruning, and that you realize how much important it is. Don’t neglect your trees, help them.

Diana Smith

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.