Tips to Make it Through Your Divorce

Most of us don’t go into marriage planning to fail. An increasing number of us grew up in single parent homes, and the struggles and heartaches are well-known to us. Still, we can’t plan for every eventuality, and unfortunately a legal separation is the best solution for everyone. Separating from a spouse and filing for divorce can be devastating and difficult to process for most people. For some individuals, it can take several years to move on after a divorce. Feelings of anger, confusion, loneliness, depression, inadequacy, and frustration are common for recently-divorced individuals. To ensure that you can survive the process and heal from your pain, there are a few tips to follow that will prove to be effective.


Enroll in Therapy

It can be difficult to push your feelings and emotions aside after you begin the process of divorcing your partner. It’s important to gain an outside perspective with the help of a professional. Enrolling in therapy can allow you to evaluate your feelings and learn from the experience to ensure that you can move on over time.

Some hesitate to trust a stranger with their feelings. Others struggle to find a therapist worth confiding in. These concerns are legitimate, but must be overcome if healing is to begin. Ask around and do some research so that you can find a therapist who shares your values and priorities. If you belong to a good Church, perhaps begin by talking to your pastor. Don’t hesitate to find a good therapist and begin the process of working through your feelings so you can return to thriving in the shortest possible time.


Find a Support Group

Many people can suffer from depression and loneliness after going through a divorce by isolating themselves. According to Tracy Achen, “Experiencing grief and depression from divorce is common when a person’s marriage ends.” You’ll need to find a support group with family members and friends who you trust, which will allow you to have people to call or spend time with to ensure that you’re surrounded by those who care about your well-being. You can also find a local group of divorcees who understand what you’re going through and will offer their own advice.


Stay Busy

Staying busy is key to moving on from your divorce and avoid dwelling on the end of your marriage. It’s important to schedule time with your friends, work on projects around the house, and make time for having fun. You can also try new hobbies or activities to find new passions that fill the void that you may experience after divorcing your spouse. Consider going on a trip to another country, taking a painting class, or furthering your education with new goals that are created.


Obtain Legal Assistance

You can protect yourself while going through a divorce by obtaining legal assistance from a professional who will inform you of your rights and represent you in court. Talk to a divorce attorney when you need to divide your assets and settle your divorce quickly without going through a long or tedious process. Obtaining legal assistance will also allow you to have the advantage with child custody if children are involved.


Although it can be difficult to go through a divorce, there are several ways to make the process easier with the right people in your life. By staying busy and gaining the support you need, you can start a new chapter and regain your happiness again.

Rachael Murphey

Rachael is an entrepreneur and writer on topics of business, finance, and economics. She currently lives in Denver, CO with her dog Charlie

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