Wedding Photo Frames – Best Way To Relive The Memories

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Weddings are the most important occasion in a family. Both men and women have a truly imaginative and romantic view about their own weddings. They dream of having a perfect marriage with a perfect soulmate. The bride dreams of her extravagant attire, jewelry and make up to look the most beautiful bride while the groom dreams of the suit, shoes and matching accessories to look perfect on the marriage day. All this extravaganza along with the happiness of family and friends is captured through photos and videos. When it comes to exhibiting and treasuring those memories, wedding photo frames are the best bet. A marriage is incomplete without the wedding photo frames decorated in the walls. A wedding photo frame is also the best wedding gift and memento.
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Advantage of Photo Frames

Photo frames are long-lasting compared to other forms of displays. A photo kept as such will degrade or get torn as years pass by. The frames protect the photos for years and also helps to exhibiting. Photo frames can be hanged on walls, placed inside the showcase or on the side table in the bed room.

Different types of Wedding Photo Frames

wedding photo frames
A photo frame basically consists of an outer frame which holds the photo, is made of solid material, with a backing and a transparent display screen usually made of glass. The outer frames are made of different materials like wood, glass metal, resin, bamboo, crystal, stone and plastic. A frame is traditionally square shaped, but the latest trends offer frames in all shapes like circle, rectangle and oval.
There are also different ways of framing the photos – Engraved photo frames, Collage photo frames, Scrapbook frames, shadow box frames and personalized frames. Depending upon the style and looks, we can choose the photo frames.

  • An Engraved photo frame is a personal statement. To engrave, the frame must be of high quality metal like silver or pewter. It is costly but the best gift for a wedding. Care should be taken to choose the right frame for engraving, else it won’t last long.
  • Personalized wedding photos and frames make wedding memories even more special. You can add some quotes, words or signature and treasure it for years to come.
  • Collage is the latest pick among wedding photos wherein a lot of photos are fused together under one frame which gives the whole idea in one picture. There are lot of styles in making a collage like vintage or rustic. Some messages, signatures can be added in a collage.
  • Scrapbook Frames are a collection of all that happened in the wedding. You can collect the wedding invitation, itinerary, cake napkins, the wine glasses, the bride’s smile, vows etc and make it as a scrap book and display. It becomes a suitable assortment of different finer moments of life.
  • Shadow box frames are for combining both wedding pictures and some favorite gifts, all under one roof. Another advantage of shadow box frame is that the photos can be removed any time you want.

The latest addition: Digital photo frames

wedding photo frame

Digital photo frame is the latest offering of the technology. It has the advantage of storing hundreds of photos in one device and just a scroll to see, it loses the personal touch. Also it cannot be used as a decoration like wall frames. That feel of seeing your most memorable moment on the walls or tables is lost in a digital photo frame.

Wedding photo frames are the best option to design your wedding memories. With one’s imagination and creativity, the best possible mementos can be created with different colors and styles and preserved for eternity. It is not an exaggeration to say that you relive your wedding through these wedding photo frames. Now you can get quality beautiful pictures frames for your loved spouse along with the wedding photo frames.


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