5 Greatest Places to Explore near Verona

Verona is one of the cutest Italian towns, which fascinates the guests with its medieval and Renaissance splendor. Despite the fact that Verona is not as popular among tourists as Venice, Milan, and Rome, it can be an excellent choice for holidays.
In addition to visiting various monuments and enjoying the exceptional atmosphere of the town, Verona is an attractive spot in point of the opportunity to explore a number of scenic places located in the city’s neighborhood. So, further you’ll discover 5 most amazing destinations, which are especially recommended to visit from Verona.

Distance from Verona: 37 km
The beautiful resort town of Bardolino is located on the widest part of Lake Garda. The mild climate, calm lake, fertile hills of the surrounding area for centuries have made Bardolino a favorite destination of emperors, noble families and the clergy, who built castles, palaces and monasteries there. Many monuments have survived and harmoniously blended with the contemporary reality.


Bardolino lies in a very picturesque area at the foot of the hills, overgrown with olive trees and vineyards. It will be interesting to visit the Museum of wine located on one of the oldest wineries owned by the same family for more than one hundred years. There is much to learn about the traditions of wine-making and the uniqueness of the Veronese wine.
Address: Via Costabella 9, Bardolino

Another important product of Verona province is olive oil, which you can get acquainted with in the museum lying not far from Bardolino. The Museum of Olive Oil is divided into nine rooms, where you can observe the process of growing and harvesting the olives, as well as the process of oil produce. The exhibition displays antique tools, furniture and equipment, used since the 18th century, the press and levers. Also, you can watch educational movies about the history and traditions of oil produce, buy different kinds of olive oil, which is valued around the world for its excellent quality.
Address: Via Peschiera, 54, 37011 Cisano, Bardolino

Distance from Verona: 30 km
This charming settlement near Verona will provide you with the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. While staying in Borghetto you can visit the Scaligero Castle in Valeggio sul Mincio, stop for lunch at a local restaurant to try tortellini with meat or pumpkin filling, which are made only there or just stroll along the Mincio River. The residents of Verona often come there for cycling, rollerblading, or simply walking around.
On the way back to Verona you can visit the city of Villafranca di Verona to taste the famous local flaky pastry named sfogliatine di Villafranca.

Distance from Verona: 22 km
Valpolicella is a famous wine-making region which lies to the north of Verona. If you love wine then it’s recommended to rent a car and go there to see the area with your own eyes and meet the people who produce the drink. Numerous restaurants and wineries of Valpolicella will offer you to taste the red wines of Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto, which are surprisingly warm, soft, with a typical taste of cherries, piquant aftertaste and have the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.
In addition to wine tasting, you can also visit the wine cellars of the Allegrini family, known for the produce of such vintage wine as “Villa Giona”, “Pallazo della Torre”, “La Grola” and “Giovanni Allegrini”.


Distance from Verona: 40 km
Lessinia is the region located between the Po Valley and the foothills of the Alps. This is an extremely interesting natural area, where quiet picturesque villages are alternating with lonely shepherd huts. The forests at the foot of the mountains give way to spacious and secluded alpine pastures.
In winter Lessinia provides the opportunity to engage in winter sports, especially skiing, while in summer it becomes an amazing place for taking long walks in the green and unspoiled nature.
You can stay in a typical mountain hut and order a delicious dinner prepared by local recipes. The locals will welcome you with unforgettable kindness and simplicity.

Monte Baldo
Distance from Verona: 58 km
A visit to Monte Baldo will surely become one of the most memorable events of your trip. The mountain impresses with its beauty. In winter its snow-covered slopes become a paradise for the fans of winter sports, while in spring and summer you can enjoy gorgeous flower carpets covering the mountain.


Monte Baldo has witnessed important historical events and it became a custodian of different prehistoric artifacts, which are of a great interest to archaeologists. At the foot of the mountain there is a very cute Malcesine town, which lies in the scenic place of Lake Garda.
The only thing that spoils the impression of the city is a large number of tourists crowding the place even in the off-season. On the rocky shore in the center of Malcesine there is a medieval Scaliger Castle. If you climb one of the towers of the castle, you can admire the lake, its shores and the city itself.

But if you want to enjoy really impressive views of Lake Garda and its surroundings, then you should get to the top of Monte Baldo using a cable car. At the top of Monte Baldo you can turn left and take a walking tour to enjoy alpine meadows, flowers, clouds, fresh air and stunning views!

As you see, Verona’s geographical position is ideal for those who love winter sports, hiking, and enjoying Italian natural wonders. So, it’s worth to visit Verona not only to explore the local sights, to dine and drink wine in the romantic environment, but also to discover the fascinating places in the neighborhood of the city.


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