• Why am I not able to edit posts after publication?
    Editing a published post is disabled. However, if you need any sort of changes in your articles, you need to email us at info@klmnweb.com or use the Support option inside the Author Dashboard asking for the modification. Please note that a request for editing an indexed post may not be entertained. The moderator discretion is final.
  • I have published a post but have forgotten to add my links/I want to update the links. Shall I republish the article?
    NO. Under any circumstances, you must not re-publish the same content even with minor modifications. You should immediately send us an email at info@klmnweb.com or use the Support option inside the Author Dashboard asking for the same. We will happily do this on your behalf.
  • After I copied the content from my local editor (MS Word, Google Docs, etc), all the formatting is lost. What shall I do now?
    Yes, when you paste the content from local editors, all the pre-formatting including links are gone. You need to re-do them in the Author Dashboard Editor with the tools available in the Editor panel. Refer to the image below.

  • Can I ask for any changes in my posts any time?
    You can ask for modification in your posts until the posts are indexed (usually within 2-3 days). If the posts are indexed, the admin discretion for the change requests is final and binding.
  • Can I add author bio in the body of the article with links?
    No, you should not add any author sort of author bio in the body of your article. The author bio is already there for you at the bottom of your articles. No additional author bio is required. For links, you need to target anchor texts in the content of the article.
  • Can I ask for deletion of my articles?

    If the posts are indexed, they will not be deleted. However, in certain cases, the admin can decide otherwise. Do send an email to info@klmnweb.com or use the Support option inside the Author Dashboard for the same. Be informed that admin and moderation team decision in this case is final.

  • What are the Author Notes? Should I take note of them?

    The author notes are remarks made by our moderation team against your posts. You should take note of the remarks (if any) for your future contribution. If there are too many remarks against your posts and if you continue to ignore them, your account may be deactivated or you may loose privilege to publish articles on this website until those issues are resolved. You need to send an email at info@klmnweb.com for details.

  • When I copy the content from my local editors like MS Word or Google Docs, the page formatting is removed. Why so?

    Yes, the page formatting is removed when you copy the content from your local editors. This happens so that no additional HTML markups e.g. <span> or <strong> get pasted in the Author Post Editor. This helps us maintain the equal standards of all the articles published in the blog. The default formatting is sufficient.

    Keep in mind that the copied content gets pasted in plain text. So, do not forget to add your links properly and update your headings (if any) using the formatting tools inside the Author Post Editor.

  • Are all sorts of topics and subjects acceptable on this blog?

    No! This blog follows strict guidelines in terms of content and links. Topics mentioned under the Non-Acceptable categories are disallowed.


    # Anything related to Sex or sexual gestures (even sexual health and/or links, sexual photographs etc.).

    # Hard core tech related topic/product reviews

    # CBD or anything related to Cannabis or Narcotic Drugs.

    # Medicine related only/links to medicines products and the like.

    # Affiliate Products/links.

    # Hardcore Financial subjects.

    # Pure SEO related content.

    # Porn

    # Casino, Poker or any similar gambling related content/links

  • Why have my posts or links been removed?

    Posts or links not pertaining to the Terms of Use are reviewed and modified accordingly. In most cases, links which fall under the Non-Acceptable subjects are removed.

  • Are author accounts for ever?

    We believe our esteemed authors will continue to contribute to this system for a long time. We expect at least one post per month from each of our authors. If no regular posts are made, we deactivate the author account which instantly notifies the respective author via email. When no further communication is made from the deactivated accounts in about 5-10 days, the accounts are removed. All links/content/images associated with the author accounts may also be removed.

  • Why am I not able to choose multiple categories for my article?

    Choosing multiple categories for a post is disabled to maintain the design and look of the website. We suggest you to choose the most appropriate category for your post. Moreover, if you have a new category in mind, you can also suggest the same to us. We can consider creating a new category for your posts.