5 Things To Collect For Future Profit

Sometimes all you have to do in order to make money is be smart, and that is where collecting things comes into play. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to collect things. You just buy whatever it is, and then you store it in a way that it keeps its value. This typically is going to mean getting protective cases of some sort to store things in.

And then, you just wait. Time will go by, and eventually, people with money are going to want the things that you’ve collected. And voila, you have now make some cash! Some of the more popular or lucrative ways to do this include buying gold and silver, comic books, stamps, coins, or sports cards.

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver have collector value for a few different reasons. First, they are a bit of a status symbol, as they are physical representations of wealth. And you’d have to admit, it’s pretty cool when you can show someone a bag of silver and talk to them about how it’s an investment for smart trading reasons as well as being a backup in case the value of either dollars or digital cash hits a hurdle at some point in the human story. Gold and silver will always be around and be valuable.

Comic Books

Have you ever looked into the value of comic books? If you had started seriously collecting when you were a kid, you might be rich already! Of course, there would have to be the comic books that you would sit down and thumb through and read, and then there would be the investment ones which would pretty much go directly into a dust jacket. However, that is part of the tradeoff when it comes to collecting stuff that people want in mint condition when they’re older.


Stamp collecting is also an interesting hobby. Not only do you get to learn a bit about history, you also see some amazing designs, and if you get connected with the right people later in life, you can make a bundle, assuming you keep them in fantastic order when you’re collecting. There are countless examples of people making money off of stamp collecting hobbies – why shouldn’t you be one of those stories!


Coin collecting is another one that fits in the same general category as stamp collecting. It can be a bit esoteric, but you learn a lot in the process, and when you find people with similar hobbies, there’s a lot of fun things that you can connect with them about as well.

Sports Cards

And finally, there are sports trading cards. It’s hard to tell who might be a star later in life, but if you get rookie cards of some of the major sports figures, you’ll find someone who will pay a pretty penny for them later on in life. Think of your favorite baseball or football players. How much do you think their rookie cards are worth?


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