5 Things to Know Before Taking Wedding Attire on Rent

Weddings, especially in India can be a really costly affair. Amongst many other expenses buying those designer dresses can itself be a big cash drainer. This is the main reason why people are now resorting to taking wedding attires on rent. This article discusses 5 things to know before taking a wedding dress on rent.
The phrase “Big Fat Indian Wedding” is famous for a reason. We Indians love to splurge on weddings. From expensive dresses to elaborate food menu, there is no stone left unturned to make the wedding not only a memorable but also an expensive affair. However, couples today are becoming smarter. They are now looking at avenues to cut down costs on wedding.

Wedding Dress – A Huge Cost

One of the areas which become the biggest cash drainer is buying those expensive wedding dresses. With so many functions before and after the wedding, this is one area that can make you cross your budget without you even knowing it. Starting from a few thousands, these dresses can cost up to lakhs.

Wedding dress on Rent – Save money and Pamper yourself

While it may not be a viable option for some to buy those expensive dresses, some just don’t agree to the idea of buying expensive dresses that needs to be worn only for a few hours. This is where taking those dresses on rent can be a great idea with two fold benefits. Firstly, you save up on a lot of money which could be used elsewhere. Secondly, you can enjoy the most amazing dresses at great prices by just renting them.

Rental Classifieds – The Savior

Reliable rental classifieds websites like Rent2Cash have made it easier for people to take these dresses on rent. These sites connect the owner and the to-be groom/bride directly making the process more efficient and pocket friendly.

Things to Know

If you have decided to take a wedding dress on rent, make sure you keep following 5 points in mind before you make the plunge.

  1. Same City: Make sure you take dresses on rent from people that live in the same city as yours. You do not want to go through last minute confusions regarding shipping and delivery.
  2. Ask for a trial: Make sure you ask for a trial from these people by meeting at a common place. Just to make sure the dress fits you well and there are no last minute adjustments.
  3. Meet at a common venue: Don’t visit the house of the person to meet or negotiate on the deal. Make sure you meet at a public place and you are accompanied by your friends and if you are a girl, take your brother or male friend along with you.
  4. Terms and conditions: Make sure you both agree on certain terms and conditions. For instance you may want to get the dress altered slightly to suit your style and look. Also the owner may ask for deposit. Make sure the deposit is not more than the current value of the dress.
  5. Take Delivery a few days before: Make sure you take the delivery of the dress few days before the D day. Last thing you want to do on your wedding is to scout for a wedding dress just before the day arrives.

These 5 tips will ensure that you not only get the best wedding dress on rent but you also get the best deal in terms of prices. It’s your day, make it count.

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