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6 Tips for Designing Safe Living Spaces for Seniors

Getting old comes with a fair share of challenges. Over time, bone density, mobility, and sense of balance might not be as sharp as they once were. Unfortunately, all these factors increase the risk of falling in older adults. One in four American seniors falls every year, making it the leading cause of injury among the elderly population. However, you can reduce these numbers by making your living spaces as safe as possible for senior tenants.

Senior Apartments for Rent in Las Vegas

Given a choice, most people would rather avoid nursing homes altogether. However, transforming your home for senior living is an expensive undertaking. Fortunately, there is a third option. Las Vegas and other major retirement cities have 55+ apartments for rent in multiple locations that offer safe and secure living environments for seniors.

Senior apartments for rent in Las Vegas are among the best retirement destinations due to the lower cost of living. All the 55+ apartments in Las Vegas are thoughtfully designed to encourage an active lifestyle through various community amenities. Here are six simple safety design tips that are incorporated in many of these senior apartments, which you can apply to your own living space.

1. Easy on the Hands

Turning a doorknob is something you don’t think much about on a daily basis. However, for seniors, the twisting motion can cause pain due to various forms of arthritis. Approximately 22.7% of American adults are diagnosed with arthritis every year. Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and lupus are known to cause stiffness, pain, and swelling around joints.

Installing doorknob grips will reduce the twisting force required and makes life easier on the hands. You should connect these devices in all knobs and handles around the house. In addition to the doors, consider replacing other items in the home that require a twisting motion to operate. These include taps, faucets, and light switches. Ensure these devices are pre-installed when looking for a senior apartment for rent.

2. Friendly Floors

Due to the increased risk of falling, the flooring should be as comfortable and safe as possible. Traditional flooring options, such as hardwood and concrete, are not the most reliable for seniors. Instead, consider other alternatives, such as corks and vinyl. They are softer and easy to maintain. Corks and carpets also reduce injuries when falls occur.

Adding non-skid mats under all area rugs helps in making the floor slip-resistant. However, rugs may also be a slipping hazard for elders who use walkers. Other trip hazards, such as thresholds, should also be reduced or eliminated. Also, consider installing flooring with more texture and grip.

3. Safe Stairs

Stairs can pose a significant hazard to even the healthiest among us. The risk doubles if your body is already fragile. The injuries could be fatal if you live in a house with more than one level. The following are ways of ensuring that your stairs are safe.

  • Handrails – Installing handrails provides something to reach for when climbing the stairs. The railing should be stable enough to support a person’s full body weight. If you already have handrails, regularly inspect them.
  • Add Treads – Wooden, concrete, and tiled stairs are a present slip risk. Adding treads on the center of each stair significantly reduces the risk of slipping. You can also choose to carpet the stairs to add a layer of cushion to reduce injury. Other alternatives include painting or adding a non-slip rubber coating.
  • Stair Lift – This is an excellent option for seniors who have trouble walking. Stairlifts let them navigate the stairs by merely sitting, strapping in, and pushing a button.
  • Wheelchair Ramp – For shorter stairs, consider adding a wheel ramp. It’s a better option for entryways such as porches.

4. Landing Places

In addition to providing spacious hallways for easy access, you should also provide adequate support at all landing places. A lot of time is spent fumbling with keys or opening packages when exiting or entering the door.

Multi-tasking is often very distracting. It also means having to takes hands off the walker. Senior citizens don’t always have the most exceptional balance and might slip or fall. Adding a bench or a chair in these places gives the elderly a place to sit and find their keys or other items safely.

5. Better Baths

Washrooms are the most slippery places in any home. Grab bars are the most common safety precaution in most houses. However, there are numerous other additional features that you should consider. For example, adding adjustable toilet seats is the right place to start. The high position makes it easier for an older adult to sit and stand without straining.

Avoid a slippery bathroom floor since it’s another hazard. You could re-do the flooring using marble or stone. If that is too costly, consider buying a non-slip bath mat for the bathroom. These mats are practical, readily available, and quite cheap. Other measures include installing removable shower heads, safety steps, and moveable toilet paper holders for convenience.

6. A Well-Lit Place

Eyesight is usually the first casualty of old age. It makes it harder for seniors to navigate their way around the house. Improving the lighting in living spaces reduces the chances of trips, slips, and falls. Here are some of the ways to improve lighting.

  • Natural Light – Choose windows that let in as much natural light as possible. It significantly improves visibility. Natural light is also known to boost the sleeping cycle. Additional features such as sunrooms are a worthwhile investment.
  • Task Lighting – Although seniors generally require more lighting to see, they are also more sensitive to light. Task lighting makes sure the light is only on when it’s needed. Table lamps are suitable for activities that require focus, such as reading or crafts.
  • Reduce Glare – Surfaces that reflect light forces the eye to strain. In addition to reducing visibility, glare also leads to fatigue and headaches. Consider replacing some glass furniture with wood or other materials.
  • Maximize Lighting – Ensure that all corners of the house are well-lit at all times. The stairs should be at the top of the list. Paint all the walls with light colors, and the ceiling should always be white. Consider adding night lights in hallways and stairs for better vision.

Renting a Safe Living Space for Seniors

Renting out space reduces the hassle of stress that comes with completely renovating your home for senior living. With varied floor plans and flexible pricing, Las Vegas apartments 55+ communities have more than enough options that are catered specifically for seniors. Senior luxury apartments in Summerlin are welcoming, safe, and build a strong sense of community for all residents.