A Very Happy Birthday to You My lady Luck

Birthdays are the most awaited time of the year when you actually throw away your age and feel the life all around you. And if it is the birthday of your lady love, you must be all glared up planning months ago on the idea to make her feel like a princess. This is justified also because the more we try to make our loved one’s life special, we also become special in the way. She would anyway love any gift that you shower on her, but the effort that you make to find the best birthday gift for girlfriend counts really a lot. She would see only the effort and not the price and size of the gift. The traditional birthday gifts like flowers, cakes, and chocolates are the safest and simplest to be gifted as they are easily available and loved by all people.

best birthday gift for girlfriend

But when the person to be gifted is your girlfriend, the gift has to have a special coating. A proper planning keeping in mind the taste, likes, and dislikes of that person would let you buy the precious birthday gifts for girlfriend. You may use the following suggestions:

  1. A lovely traditional sari sounds like a great idea as a gift for her on her birthday. Any girl looks awesome in a sari. Choose the sari type as per her choice ranging from silk, kanjivaram, chiffon etc.

  2. When there is sari, there has to be matching earpiece, necklace, and bangles. Take help from a lady friend of yours if you are unsure of the compatibility between the sari and the jewelries.

  3. A bouquet of teddy bears for the lovely lady on her birthday sounds so adorable – isn’t it? The count of teddy bears should tally with her age.

  4. If she is a bookworm, gift her some new releases along with a bouquet of roses.

  5. A lovely handbag is another lucrative gift which any girl would love.

  6. A diamond ring is an expensive one but you are earning only to live a blissful life with her. So, go ahead and get it.

  7. A candle-lit dinner in a five star hotel would be another great gift.

  8. A voucher for spa treatment where she can pamper herself is exactly the girly stuff that you can gift her.

birthday gift

She is a very special part of your everyday life and life without her would really be meaningless, aimless, and hopeless. Do everything to keep her happy just the way she does for you. “Calling her up at midnight on her birthday and taking her out for a bike ride to have an ice-cream” is the kind of nostalgic and melancholic gift she would just die to have from you.

So, go out of the traditional way and make her feel special because she deserves to be treated specially.


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