Do You Still Lose Your Hair After Hair Transplant?

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Most of us take a full head of hair for granted, just like we do good health and youth, until they are taken away from us. For many people a hair transplant is the only hope of restoring the appearance of a full or near full head of hair. Hair transplantation is a type of surgery that entails removing a thin strip of hair-bearing scalp from the back of our head and using it to fill up another area with thin or no hair.

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This surgery started in the US since the 1950s. Can you still lose your hair after hair transplant? To answer that question let us look at hair transplant in detail. At the moment there are only two effective hair transplant therapies available in the market. They have been tested and proven with a track record that can deliver satisfactory to excellent results. And between these two one has shown to be more cost efficient and with better success rate in terms of follicular unit growth and extraction.

Follicular unit grafting or strip grafting is considered the best method of hair transplant. When you wish to make the highest number of grafts in the region 3500 to 6000 in one session, then FUG is your best bet. This involves removal of thin strip of scalp hairs from the donor area. These scalp hair already has the intrinsic ability to multiply or grow wherever they are placed. When the scalp has an optimum elasticity it hugely impacts on the hair transplant results.

After 10 -14 days the scalp consisting of a firm staple grip will begin to loosen. This procedure often leaves a little scar on the grafting or extraction point. It is important that a qualified surgeon is used for this transplant as he will always go by the latest techniques to achieve the best hair transplant results. Applying the latest surgical techniques will ensure that the scar will almost be invisible. The FUG method gives room to a lot of options and can deliver amazing results. A completely bald man can now enjoy a head full of hairs all because of the FUG transplantation technique.

The second most effective hair transplant procedure is called Follicular Unit Extraction or Punch Grafting. Here, the hairs are usually extracted in groups of 1-4 by the doctors. This is done from the back or sides of the head. The surgeon uses specialized tools to make a 1mm thick incision to remove the follicles. Though the scaring is untraceable, nevertheless it will remain on the head. With this technique doctors can implant 2000 to 3000 follicular units at a time. This is usually most suited for small term sessions.

Hair transplant is a time consuming and delicate procedure. You must ensure you are using a reputable hair surgeon who has a previous record of successful surgeries. The doctor will patiently go through your medical history, listen to your case, and check your condition of health before suggesting a process that will completely remove the baldness permanently.

Is the process painful? Though the scalp is a very delicate area and can be very scary to even consider a cut on the head, however, advanced technologies today has made it extremely more comfortable and less painful. The surgeon will administer local anesthesia to numb the region where the donor hair will be planted. Most people that go for this type of surgery are often discharged to go home that same day.

Are hair transplant surgeries affordable? A typical hair replacement surgery will be in the cost range of $3500-$20,000 per session. It also depends on how good and popular your surgeon is and how many grafts you require. A Follicular Unit Extraction is very costly and can only be done by a specialist. FUT method requires you to pay about $4- 7 per graft while the price of FUE grafting may range from $7 – $12. However, in certain countries like India the charge for grafting is cheaper.

Hair transplant has been proven to be very successful; in the past you must have enough donor hair on the sides and back of your head to have a good transplant. But modern methods like Follicular Unit Extraction can get donor hair from anywhere on our body which can then be planted on the head, it is better called Body Hair Transplantation.

So do you still lose your hair after hair transplant? You will no longer lose your hair after hair transplant if the surgery was properly done by an expert. It is highly recommended that you use a qualified surgeon or clinic that have a long track record of successful surgeries. You should see the testimonials from other people. While seeking the best also consider your pocket, ensure you go to a surgeon or a clinic that you can afford their services.


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