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Don’t be a puppet to difficult people

Sometimes in life we happen to deal with difficult people and difficult situations. They prove to be very good at first. Once they grab you in their hands, they prove to be very harmful, harming you in every way possible.  From ruining your overall health to ruining your public image, all is a game to them. And you find yourself nowhere in the earth.

These people are actually brought up in the way they could fetch something of their interest in any way possible. They easily catch those people who’re weak minded and indecisive. Once they caught you, they work on fastening the net that you can’t make an escape anyway. They are silent doers. They excel in presenting them nice of the nicest ones. All you try go in vain.

If someone of you trying hard in life with such plight situations, you can follow some given suggestions:

1. Listening: Listening and focusing on what the other person is trying to say is very important. Everyone wants to be heard and understood. It irate a person if he is not acknowledged. Progress can only take place by proper communication and listening. Try not to intervene in the middle when the other person is saying something.

2. Set Boundary:   You need to set a clear boundary between you and the person. Make him clear to his understanding that you’re not a puppet of his hand that can be moved as per his wish. Neither can you be manipulated nor should he dare to. He gets disturbed when his ill motives are shaken.

3. Avoid Reasoning: You can’t reason with an unreasonable person. He pretends to know and understand everything. He is not willing to learn living in harmony. Something pushes him back. An envious and egoist person has an unhealthy mind. He never listen to what you say and always disrespect you in front of anybody.  Once you cut the emotional thread with him, you save yourself from unwanted worries you feel loaded with.

4. Deep breathing:  Slow and deep breathing in a heated moment calms you from deep inside. Shut your eyes and stop talking for sometime or just go completely mute. Staying calm and relaxing is always favorable to your health. It allows you to think what to do to minimize such issues.

5. Avoid speaking harsh: You should speak in a soft tone with a difficult person to deal with.  They keep on worsening any matter or situation. Though it takes a lot of stamina to talk to such a person, you just can’t do without it, if you have to live with one such person. For no reason he will yell and shout at you. But don’t react in the same way he does. Instead, be calm and silent. Silence speak silently that he’s far more than a beast. Silence will become unbearable to him.

6. Stop judging: Find out what the other person is going through.  What are his hidden needs and vulnerabilities or fear? Don’t judge him for acting unreasonably. May he be dealing with something even bigger and becoming incapable of managing them all.

7. Avoid smiling: Smiling may look like you are mocking the person. It may be risky and backfire rather than resolving the situation. Devaluing a person’s emotions and feelings hurt.

8. Don’t defense yourself: If the person goes on telling nasty things or giving false statements about you, don’t be argumentative.  I know this really sounds impossible. But you can try to mould situations in your favor.

9. Telling someone about stressed situations: Discussing the matter and what exactly happens and stresses you might help. This elevates your thinking skill and helps shaping you to a better and wiser person.

10. Discharging Stress: Don’t let stress eat up your body and mind. Relieve stress by meditating and praying. You can go for a walk or run. You can listen to light music or devotional songs. Listening to spiritual preaching gives miraculous result.

Thus, there are so many ways to save you from getting stressed. And most importantly believe your guts and respect your instincts. If you get inner calls to move or walk out then follow the same. There’s nothing more important than to live peacefully and healthily. Value yourself and your life, because life is the greatest gift of god. So, love and respect it. Good luck to your journey through life.


Besides being the main writer and owner of Life and Experiences, she is also the co-founder of Ayanize Co.