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How to Help Your Family Member Prepare for Their Wedding

Your child’s wedding day is one of the most important days in their life. As their parent, it’s also one of the most important days in your life. With so much riding on a single day, how can you help your child adequately prepare for the day they tie the knot with their special someone? While it can seem nerve-wracking and intimidating at first, the truth is that helping your child prepare for their big day is largely a continuation of the good habits you’ve already put in place while raising your child.

Share Memories

Although many things have changed in the world of weddings since you were married, many things will likely be quite similar between your wedding and your child’s wedding. By sharing memories of your big day, you can help your child learn from successes and failures to help make their wedding day more fun and smoother. Plus, sharing a funny anecdote from your wedding can provide a moment of levity when things are getting crazy.

Be Present

While it’s important to allow your child to make decisions on their own, it’s also important to help them avoid decisions that they’ll regret. By remaining present throughout the wedding planning process, you can help create memories and provide much-needed input so that everyone arrives at the wedding day with a smile on their face. For example, when considering venues, such as The Crane Bay Event Center, accompany your child, even if they don’t want your input at the time. This will help you make sense of the various details so that you can make decisions when your child encounters decision fatigue. While you can obtain a lot of information about a venue online, you need to view it in person to ensure that it suits your loved one’s needs. Consider how many guests will be invited so that you can find a venue size that will work best.

Be Financially Available

In many cases, a wedding is a major financial commitment. Even if you’re bucking tradition and your child is paying for most of the costs themselves, it’s still extremely helpful if you can be financially available during the wedding preparation process. If your child knows that they can come to you when money gets a little tight, it will allow them to be more creative so that they end up with the wedding day they have always dreamed of.

Be a Rock

Your child trusts you more than almost anyone else involved in the planning process for their big day. When all the details become overwhelming, there’s a good chance that your child will come to you simply seeking a safe space. Be prepared to be a rock for your child so that they can find firm footing to give them the confidence to move forward with their wedding plans. Even on the day of the wedding, you might find that your child seeks what is familiar before they’re ready to push ahead to what is new.

Treasure Every Moment

No matter how the planning preparations progress, it’s important to treasure every moment along the way. While there will be many great moments with your child in the future, nothing will ever be quite like their wedding day. Therefore, take the time to take pictures, write down your thoughts, and capture memories in your heart that you can treasure for a lifetime.

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