Natural Ways To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

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Stress and anxiety are two things that nearly every person suffers from at some time or another. Some people have more than others as well. While a little bit of stress can help keep you on your toes, too much stress can actually kill you.

Anxiety can be a medical condition, especially for people diagnosed with panic attacks and/or social anxiety. While medications are normally subscribed for these illnesses there are also natural ways you can use to fight them.

For some people, medications for stress and anxiety can be too calming. You may find that if you are a creative type they take away some of your creativity. It’s almost like they work too well. However, make sure you talk to your doctor before you stop any prescription medications.


Start By Eating The Right Foods

If you ever read magazines about health and wellness you’ve probably seen an article or two about how healthy eating can heal almost anything that ails you. That’s because healthy food options have certain vitamins and nutrients in them that keep your body strong.

Probiotics are one of those healthy foods you should eat. Once upon a time they were just thought of as a food that was good for gut health, but science is now finding they are good for brain health as well. Eating foods rich in probiotics can actually lift your mood, fighting anxiety, depression, and stress.

Other foods that are great for brain health include fish and nuts, which are both rich in healthy oils. Foods rich in antioxidants are also great for your mind, such as berries and other fruits.

Get Active

Exercise that gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing also help your brain release a hormone called endorphins that help perk your brain up and make you happy. Endorphins naturally make you feel better and calmer.

Not only that, but regular physical fitness can also lead to more self confidence which is also a great mood lifter. If you need to relax and reduce stress start fitting in a nice brisk walk into each day. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Find Some Relaxing Pastimes

Get a massage or take up yoga or meditation. All of these things are proven to help relieve stress and anxiety. Massage while get your energy centers cleared and balanced, and during your massage you have plenty of time to just close your eyes and relax.

Both meditation and yoga are great ways to calm your mind. Meditation allows you some quiet time in which to clear your mind and just sit in silence with yourself. It can be great. You can also do breathing exercises that resemble meditation when you are having a panic attack.

Yoga not only relaxes, but it helps strengthen your mind, body and soul.

In order to finish off your day each day on a good, relaxing, note, take some time out to drink some green tea or chamomile tea. Both are relaxing and full of antioxidants and other stress relieving minerals.

Life is bound to be stressful, but you don’t have to let stress control your life, or ruin it.


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