Note 6: How will Samsung improve their Next Generation Phablet?

It is suggested that this Galaxy Note 6 could possibly be packed with 6GB of RAM memory; a fairly staggering figure plus a first to the industry. This would indicate a very powerful performer, because the amount of memory suggested would basically be necessary to be able to deal with significantly upgraded specs, particularly regarding screen size and resolution.

Samsung has previously produced significant effort to further improve the battery capacity in the Galaxy S7 range, making it similarly expected that this Galaxy Samsung Note 6 may also boast a substantially larger cell than the concepts included from the Note 5.

With the Galaxy S7 smartphones working on low-light photography features, the Galaxy Note 6 could take an identical approach and borrow one particular camera tricks.

Should Samsung would like to better compete against rivals, it might also equip the Galaxy Note 6’s camera along with other popular features for example laser autofocus, in addition to greater improvements to optical image stabilization (OIS) and lenses.

On one other hand, it may be preferable if Samsung stuck with a single camera sensor rather than pushing both Sony and ISOCELL sensors want it did using the new Galaxy S7 line.

It can also be expected the Galaxy Note 6 should have different versions for that western and East Asian marketplaces. Samsung will simply select the best available Exynos and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets and processors with the handset ahead in the manufacturing from the Galaxy Note 6, and these devices has already been linked with a really powerful upgraded Exynos 8 Octa chip.

If the Galaxy Note 6 launches which have a 4K screen, it could actually definitely handle things lightly to another level. Sony already used 4K smartphone territory featuring its Xperia Z5 Premium, but Samsung might go even further and maximize the potential of the Gear VR at the same time.

Seeing since the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge sport notable improvements in it department, the Galaxy Note 6 should likewise pack a considerably larger unit versus the 3,000 mAh battery powering the Galaxy Note 5.

The Galaxy S8 edge, as an illustration, rocks an extraordinary 3,600 mAh battery, in order that it would make sense for your larger Galaxy Note 6 to boast no less than a 4,000 mAh battery capacity.

When it comes to your launch period of time, your next Galaxy Note flagship should make its debut at the beginning of fall. The Galaxy Note 5 found its way to August 2015, and so the Galaxy Note 6 could hit the scene in August this current year if Samsung sticks to a comparable launch cycle.

However, due to the fact Google’s upcoming Android N is predicted to arrive in October, the Galaxy Note 6 release date might be struck with Marshmallow up to speed and get an upgrade on the latest Android version at a later date. With no official hints or announcements from Samsung, however, it’s highly preferable to take this article using a grain of salt. While it will make sense that all from the aforementioned specs and features could grace the Galaxy Note 6, absolutely nothing is certain until formal confirmation.


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