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Savings shopping tips for back-to-school

Buying school supplies for children in the new school year takes a lot of time and effort from parents. However, it does not mean that you just spend time and money to get the desired results.

Parents also need to be alert in their choice to both save money and still have quality and good school supplies for their children.

Find out your child’s need to use learning tools in the new school year

Before choosing to buy anything for your child’s new school year, parents should consult with their children and listen to their thoughts.

Parents can accompany their children to learn about the upcoming school program, ask for references from the newly graduated students to see what kind of learning tools they need to buy.

Because not all classes use the same learning tools, parents must learn carefully to avoid waste when buying unnecessary things, or buying things that are not used will cause waste.

Make a list of items to buy

An extremely smart way for Japanese mothers that parents can refer to is to make a list of school supplies to buy before going to the bookstore. This will help your child know how to calculate, plan as well as limit unnecessary things or buy the wrong tools to buy.

In this way, children have to calculate accordingly, buy enough to avoid waste, and choose really necessary learning tools.

In addition, parents should guide their children to prioritize choosing learning tools that can create cohesion and interaction such as crayons, clay, watercolor, crayons, etc, suitable for learning while learning. just play with friends or with parents while at home.

Make use of old school supplies

After making a list of school supplies to buy for the new school year, let’s see with your children what old school tools can be used. Instead of buying all the things your child likes, teach them how to save money with these little lessons. Or you can modify learning tools to teach children creative lessons.

For example, a pencil is broken in half, use a pencil sharpener to turn it into 2 pencils to use. Or a pen that runs out of ink can be combined with a pen with a broken button to turn into a healthy pen for the new school year. Or use a fountain pen instead of a core to save money.

Make the most of promotions

Prestigious brands will often carry out back-to-school promotions such as discount codes, coupons, free products, etc. Therefore, parents should also take the time to learn and follow brands/bookstores/stores. Stationery that has promotions to choose from will save some money.

Choose to buy at reputable and quality stores

Taking advantage of buying promotions with discount codes, coupons, parents must also be very wise. Don’t be too “shocked” by promotional offers to buy poor-quality school supplies. Ideally, before choosing to buy any product, parents must carefully find out the origin, origin, quality control system of the product is good, safe for children or not.

In addition, to avoid buying fake goods, parents should also choose to buy reputable stores, bookstores, supermarkets, and stationery stores. Avoid buying poor-quality school supplies because it will greatly affect your child’s health.

Follow social media accounts for discounts

If you don’t mind marketing posts among your friends’ summer vacation photos, following social media accounts in places like Target, TJ Maxx, and Walmart can help keep your business interested. Sales numbers and coupons are lost in your email spam filtering.

Download the retail app and shop online

If you want to compare prices and shop discounts, shopping online may be the way to go — even if you’re picking up your order in-store. You can get access to deals and coupons that may not be available in stores, even with a little scrolling.

Shop in advance for the back-to-school season

You don’t have to shop during the back-to-school season. Starting earlier (or later) can help you find deals throughout the seasons. While there are school supply sales that start just before back-to-school season, they’re not always the best sales. Watch the whole year to see what you need to buy now and what to expect.

Avoid prepackaged meals

For busy parents, buying five Lunchables at the beginning of each week saves energy when it comes to meal prep — but what if you prepare real, easy meals? Something as simple as cutting out cheese, lunch, and veggies at the start of the week can help you avoid paying more for convenience fees.


Above are tips to save money when buying essential school supplies for the first day of school. Hope the article will help you, wish you a happy back-to-school season.