Skin Care Secrets from Princess Diana’s Book!

The late Princess Diana is perhaps among the most loved public figures of all time. She may have been British royalty but she was and still is revered throughout the world. Although the height of her fame was during the 1990’s those who love beauty still look at her as an inspiration for style and grace today. She was so effortlessly beautiful. Because of the nature of her station, being royal, she was expected to maintain a level of elegance of propriety at all time. While she was always understated her look was never boring or dated. She kept her image fresh and modern at all times which is why so many women around the world were able to relate to her. Princess Diana also had an infectious smile on her face that seemed to draw the attention of crowds around the world and keep them rapt on her beauty that seemed to come from within.

Princess Diana’s look

Although she sported many looks during her day, Princess Diana become known for a signature look. Here side swept bangs, large blue eyes, clear skin, and demure makeup. Her blue eyes were a part of her natural beauty, their color was crystal clear and a gorgeous deep blue hue. Her hair was always cut above her shoulders and packed with plenty of volume and movement thanks to the light curl that it always had. Her makeup was used to compliment the tones of her hair and her skin and never took over the look. So many people use makeup as a way to cover up their natural features but her makeup looks were never overbearing.

Although these are the many things that Princess Diana became known for perhaps her most envied attribute was her skin. Her skin was unbelievably flawless. Even in close up shots of her skin she doesn’t appear to have any discoloration, dark spots, and her pores are invisible. So how did she do it? Keep reading because we are giving you the inside scoop straight from the words of Princess Diana’s makeup artist Mary Greenwell.

Princess Diana’s beauty secrets

Although it appeared to the public that Princess Diana just woke up looking like a goddess she had to put in work just like the rest of us. We know this because her makeup artist Mary Greenwell shares some rare insights into what the princess did to maintain her gorgeous skin.

Mary Greenwell is a makeup artist, teacher, and now a household name in the beauty world thanks to her royal ties. She has worked everywhere from LA, Paris, and in her home London. Although she has achieved so much as a makeup artist she is still berated with questions of how she helped Princess Diana achieve her signature looks.

Mary says that Princess Diana was extremely conscious when it came to taking care of her skin. The makeup artist tells that she cleansed, used serums, and moisturizers twice a day to upkeep her skin. Going to bed with makeup on was something that she never did and she absolutely never applied makeup to dirty skin. She also says that the princess was aware of the things that she put into her body. She exercised, drank lots of water, and ate well. Her diet was balanced with plenty of fruit and vegetables and she even cut back on her intake of alcohol to better the health and radiance of her skin.

She kept her makeup fresh as well. Mary tells us that she made sure that Princess Diana’s skin had a smooth and natural finish and never looked cakey in the slightest. Mary made sure that her skin was always moisturized before she began applying makeup. She also used concealer under the eyes to perfect the look, a little bit of liner to accentuate her beautiful eyes, mascara, and blush to keep the look demure and add life back into her cheeks.

How you can achieve Princess Diana’s look

If there is anything to be learned from Princess Diana’s beauty secrets it is that beauty does not come easily. While it is easy to look at photos of her and just say that she was blessed in ways that the rest of us aren’t, that isn’t the whole truth. She took care of her skin by using the best skin care products, and the best skin care routine. Her skin was clean, moisturized, and treated every day. She also made restrictions when it came to her diet so that she could retain the health of her skin. If you want gorgeous skin to take care of your skin and body like Princess Diana did.


There may never be another British royal that has the impact on the world that Princess Diana did. Years later we are still dazzled by her beauty grace. Thankfully we do have insight on her successful beauty regimen.


Meighan Sembrano

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