The Body Positive Mantras You Should Be Chanting Every Morning

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As children, we love our bodies. We spend endless hours as babies staring at our toes and as toddlers we have all the confidence to try out everything from skateboarding to dancing and having fun by not really caring about what people think about how we look.

Yet, somehow in the process of growing up to being an official adult who pays bills, has a job and has a relationship, we get more deeply concerned with how fat our legs look in shorts and get obsessed about the jiggling of our arms.

Recent studies have shown us that people who had self compassion reached their goals of slimming down as compared to the people who had a negative self image. Body bashing and body shaming is a powerful de-motivator and makes it harder for you to make positive changes. It not just affects your weight, but also lowers your self esteem, increases depression, makes you bad at relationships and gives you less job satisfaction.

Here are some of our favorite body positive mantras to help you motivate yourselves each morning.

Everybody is a bikini body – Kimberly O’Connor

This is for the ladies. You should be able to wear whatever swimwear you like. Beaches are for having fun and not for showing off a particular body type. Whether you are big or small, tanned or pasty, having cellulite or freckles, you should go ahead and bare your body with pride.

You are a sexy beast! – Alexandra Williams

20 years down the lane, everyone will look back at their old photographs and think how good you looked back then. Then why waste so many years thinking otherwise? Appreciate how you look now and not spend any more time having a negative body image.

I am strong, I am beautiful. I am enough. – Vanessa Pawlowski

This mantra reminds people on how they can stay strong. It is to remind you that it is only a choice to give into the pressures to look perfect or listen to the many body shaming messages in the media. You are beautiful as you are and your bodies are meant to be celebrated.

Happiness is beautiful – Jane Ko

Everyone would think that being beautiful and having media perfect bodies means that they are happy but it is mostly not true. It is not necessarily having what you want but enjoying the little things in life. When you make a small decision like waking up a little earlier each day or promise yourself to eat healthy to feel more fresh and enjoy your day a little more, you feel content and confident as each day passes by.

Have pride in how far you have come. Have faith in how far you can go. – Krysten Bishope

It always helps, no matter what happens, to keep the bigger picture in focus. It helps you put things into perspective, clarifying successes and failures. Every person’s body is more than just biology. It is defined by strength, courage and perseverance.

These mantras are there to remind people that they are much more than their symptoms. To know more about different mantras and fitness motivational speakers, visit us at Fitness19 and talk to our professionals. Always remember that the key to a healthy body is a healthy mind.


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