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Top 10 Fun Activities for Kids

Rays of sunshine flood your face, making you feel alive as you relax on the veranda. Nearby, bushes filled with milky-white gardenia flood the landscape with an exotic scent. You hear the sounds of your kids squeal in delight as they race through the backyard sprinkler.It’s summertime.

Now that school is out and summer is in full swing, you and your kids are ready to make some new memories—amazing memories! The question is, aside from darting through the sprinkler and playing ball in your yard, what other epic activities can you offer your kids this summer to make this season one they’ll never forget?

Here’s a rundown on the top 10 summertime activities for kids to try out this summer.

1. Tent Fun

Summer is the perfect chance for you and your little one to enjoy some tent fun either indoors or outdoors. An indoor play tent will let your child’s imagination run wild as she makes the tent her “home” or a secret shelter she’s discovered while on a voyage.If you want to take the magic outdoors, why not take your children camping at a nearby state park or camping site? You’ll have the opportunity to teach your kids practical lifelong skills while having tons of fun together. Teach your kids how to pitch a tent by themselves, start a campfire, and brave the elements. And the s’mores you can have together at the end of the night will all be worth it!

2. Dress-Up Fun

Dressing up is yet another fun summertime activity for those days when you want to stay in to cool off. Maybe your baby girl wants to transform herself into the fairest princess in all the land. Or, maybe your little man wants to become the toughest cowboy in the West. Either way, when you play dress-up with your child, you encourage your child to be creative, solve problems, develop self-esteem, and build social skills as they interact with you during the summer months.

3. Beach Days

When you’re ready to venture out into the heat again, be sure to make a beeline to the closest beach. Beach time offers plenty of time for you and your kids to build an epic sandcastle, try out some snorkeling, search for seashells, and even go surfing. These activities create memories that last a lifetime. Just be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin from excess ultraviolet rays.

4. Water Battle

When it’s hot outside, that’s the best time to get your kids together with several of their friends from school or the neighborhood. And be sure to bring about 100 water balloons with you. Then, shout, “Water fight!” and in no time, you should see water-filled balloons whizzing by your face and exploding on your group of giggling and screaming little ones. Nothing beats cooling down by running around and getting drenched during a water balloon fight.

5. Park Fun

During the summer months, your kids won’t be confined to a desk or a computer to focus on assignments and tests. So, encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to stay active by bringing them to your nearby park. There, they can ride their bikes, skateboard, or even rollerblade with friends. Also, encourage them to play some football, badminton, or even frisbee while the weather is still warm and inviting.

6. Kite Flying

Another enjoyable summertime activity for kids is flying kites, which is ideal for those windy days. You and your kids can easily do this in an open field or large backyard free from trees or power lines. Beaches and parks are also excellent options for running with the wind and letting your kites soar.

7. Park Picnic

In all of your summertime fun,  you can’t forget to eat. But who says you have to eat at the dinner table? Instead, pack some cheese and crackers, chips, and sandwiches, and juice pouches, and head to your local park with your kids for a picnic in the sun. Alternatively, you can plan summertime barbecues with the kids, complete with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and even watermelon for a refreshing dessert on some of the hottest days of the year.

8. Artistic Chalk Fun

If you want your children to show off their artistic sides, simply give them sidewalk chalk and let their creative juices flow this summer. You never know—they may create some unforgettable masterpieces that are worthy of your family members’ and friends’ Facebook or Instagram feeds.

9. Pool Fun

If you have a pool on your property or can access one in town, be sure to schedule pool time with the kids this summer as well. You can lounge around while they splash each other, or if you want to join in on the fun, you can lead them in a game of Marco Polo or pool relay races. You could even lead a scavenger hunt underwater!

10. Summertime Cleaning

Finally, cleaning may not sound like much fun, but while your kids are free from homework, the summertime couldn’t be a better time for them to do a summer purge. This can involve going through old clothes and toys and determining what they would like to give away or set aside for your next garage sale. The more they sell, the more they can earn for their favorite summertime ice cream cones.

Give Your Kids the Most Memorable Summer Ever

The heat is on, but the hot summer temperatures don’t have to get you and your kids down. Instead, several fun kids’ activities can help you beat the heat and make you forget it’s even hot out in the first place.

From spending time at the pool to flying kites and even wiggling your toes in the warm beach sand, you and your children can easily stay busy while soaking up all that summer has to offer. Consider the above-listed summertime activities for kids as you plan out an iconic summer season that your children will remember for all the right reasons in the years ahead.

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