Top Rowing Machines From Brand Avari – The Ideal Machine To Get That Perfect Body

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Avari Rowing Machines are simply phenomenal exercise equipments. These fantastic machines help you keep your figure well-maintained and keep you fit and healthy. Fitness trainers across the globe recommend Avari’s rowing machines to their trainees. Avari has 4 different types of rowing machines to offer its customers. Two of the rowing machines fall into the category of magnetic rowing machines, while the other two types fall into the category of hydraulic cylinder rowing machines. Typically the price range of rowing machines vary from US$ 249 upto US$ 999.

Types of Rowing Machines and Their Details:

Free Motion Rower – The free motion rower unlike other rowers has arms that resemble oars. The machine provides an excellent upper body workout. This rowing machine is best suited for people who are short and petite and may not be very suitable for those who have long legs.

Which is the best rowing machine for beginners?

From the Avari Rowing Machines range, the most suitable rowing machine for beginners is the Avari Easy Glide Rower. The machine is designed in such a way that the handles are suitable to fit hands of all sizes. The handles also have a special padding on them that ensures that the user does not develop blisters after completing a very long training session. The rowers nylon chord is a thick and highly durable one that will last for a long time.

Noteworthy Features of the Programmable Magnetic Rower:

  • Avari Easy Glide Rower – This hydraulic rowing machine comprises of a pullback handlebar as well as a seat that’s easily moveable. Similar to the Programmable Magnetic machine, this machine too has 12 preset workout options for users. This rower provides excellent workouts however does not have a very long life.
  • Avari Programmable Magnetic – This machine is a simple rowing machine that falls into the magnetic rowing machine category. The Programmable Magnetic machine has a wireless and inbuilt monitor to measure the heart rate and it also has 12 workouts that are preset for the user.
  • Avari Conversion II Rower Bike – This hybrid rowing machine that performs the function of a rower as well as a recumbent bike. Although there are 2 machines in this single unit, the machine is a compact sized one.
  • The Programmable Magnetic Rower comprises of an aluminium rowing beam that is extruding to ensure a rowing motion is a smooth one.
  • The rowing machine has a backlit LCD fitness monitor that has a range of 12 workouts
  • The rowing handle has a foam padding and the seat of the rowing machine is designed in a way to provide maximum comfort.
  • The rowing machine comes with a heart rate monitor that can be strapped to the chest of the user. With this monitor the user will be able to train within the zone of his heart rate.
  • This machine can take weight upto 275 pounds.

The 12 Workout Modes Available On Avari Rowing Machines:

  •  4 user Defined Modes
  • Target Heart Rate Mode
  • Rolling Hills Mode
  • Manual Mode
  • Interval Mode
  • Valley Mode
  • Mountain Mode
  • Ramp Mode
  • Fat Burn Mode

Benefits of Using Avari Rowing Machines:

  • Excellent way to lose those extra pounds
  • Helps in building the muscles, increasing stamina and toning the body
  • Gives all the muscles of the body an excellent workout.
  • Perfect machines for both lower and upper body workouts
  • A light form of cardio
  • Affordable machine that is very convenient to keep in the house

All in all the Avari rowing machines are affordable, super efficient and provide all the indoor fitness one could possibly ask for. They are the perfect machines for those who don’t get a chance to hit the gym or exercise outdoors.


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