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True Love: How Does It Feel?

True love is one of the most debatable topics for centuries. When we talk of true love, we view it as love surpassing every boundary between the two. However, it may be a fantasy bond in actual. This fantasy bond is often misunderstood as true love. Fantasy bond creates an illusion of connection and an illusion breaks off soon. When two persons come closer, the things that attract both of them in each other may be different. And this very difference closes the chapter at some point of time.

On the other side of the coin, it’s found that similar things are attracting both of them in one-another and they complement each other too. It may be a sign of an everlasting relationship.  The relationship finds its existence, creating a substantial love.

The characteristics of true love are sorted below for a crystal clear view of the said:

  • Openness:  Giving feedback to each other and accepting as it is said, plays a significant role in a true relationship. Understanding each other’s flaws and grievances and feeling those as own ones acts as a supportive pillar to strengthen the bond. But, once you disrespect the honesty and integrity of your partner, you shut the door for communication.
  • Respectfulness:  Respect for each other is something cannot go without. A relationship thrives when partners talk to one- another about their activities, their feelings and the challenges they’re facing in their daily lives. If both of you open up your hearts out and share the things, love and respect grows in between you two. You feel more enthusiastic towards the relationship.
  • Affection:  Affection should cover a large part of your heart. When two hearts are full of affection for each other, the two souls are invigorating one- another. It tightens the bond and presents a healthy mind and body. Being affectionate to each other gives you a lovely world. Love is always within and not without.
  • Understanding:  Being an open book to each other is what demands a healthy relationship. It’s always easy to stick to one’s own point of view rather than to understand the other person’s.  Deliberately hurting your partner and make feel guilty and wrong, Pays off in long run and costs a relationship. Two different persons have two individual minds and two individual perspectives. Have a clear view of what the other person needs and his/her point of view. When you value one- another, love grows between you and gladdens your inner self and you feel love all around.
  • Non-threatening and non- manipulation: A bond of love can never be formed if either of you is manipulative. Threatening and controlling your partner kills the relationship. Befooling and pretending love to your partner deadens both you and your bond. Love is divine and pure and most revered.  Place it above all and protect it from impurities that can fade it away and destroy it.
  • Defenses:  Be defensive to your partner. Defending your partner in front of your family is of utmost importance. Criticizing or letting down your partner in the family and outside is an offence you regret for the rest of your life. A relationship dies when it doesn’t feed the emotions. An emotionally balanced person must have a balanced relationship.
  • Listening to inner voice:  we all must listen to our inner voice. An inner call guides, directs and sometimes criticizes too.  Always be connected with it, so that you get clear signals and messages of what’s going on other person’s mind. This is how your sixth sense becomes active and you never become a prey to someone.
  • Serving your own interest:  It’s not necessary that two persons or couples carry same interest. You may vary in likes, dislikes, passions and many more such things. Burying your own ones means self sabotaging that will very soon diminish you. Or caging the other person’s interest is an attempt to kill him/her.
  • Communicating:  Communication is the key to unlock the door. Feel free to communicate with your partner. You both must talk to each other about family issues, what’s going around, how you feel, your future plans or a weekend/ holiday trip and so on. A good and a healthy conversation take place when both are willing to work on the relationship.
  • Feeding the emotions:  You must prioritize the emotions and feelings of your partner. Taking care of how the other person feels and reacts to certain things have significance in your life. Doing something to thrill your partner up is an exciting idea that shouldn’t skip your mind.

When partners start taking care of one-another, they grow together. Where there is love; happiness, fun and laughter come along. They make a happy family where kids grow happily and develop their skills. Kids become confident and shielded to face the challenges of life from a very early age. Love alone can make everything possible, whereas hatred finishes off things. So, pick the good one to prosper in life.

Most importantly, mask off your face if you want a true bond or a true relationship.

Hope you had a happy reading.


Besides being the main writer and owner of Life and Experiences, she is also the co-founder of Ayanize Co.