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Infection Control Products and Infection Control Supplies of various types dealing with different functions such as absorbent technology, UV Disinfectants, Catheters and central lines, disinfectants, detergents, hand hygiene, health technology, reprocessing and surgical equipment, textiles, water equipment, and various miscellaneous technologies are available at Scope Medical Supply. Read on to know more.


Infection control supplies and products, especially those of the disposable type can enhance the efforts of infection prevention and control in the healthcare field and this reduces the situations and incidences of cross contamination as well.

Infection control products are also responsible for the removal of the reservoirs of organisms of pathogenic nature, especially amongst the medical apparel of the healthcare workers during the activities of patient care.

The purpose of the infection control supplies is to prevent the conversion of a non-sterile to a sterile field through the transfer of microbes. They do this by the provision of an excellent barrier to the transfer of microorganisms.

For example, research has concluded that linting in surgical setups increases the evidence of infections at the surgical site as it provides a medium for the travel and transfer of bacteria. With the invention of infection control supplies such as non woven materials, the quantity of lint in surgical setups has decreased dramatically which has led to reduction in infections as well.

Infection Control

Infection control products such as gowns are usually evaluated by the levels of barrier protection offered by them. They are designed to meet standards of minimum performance in terms of strength, resistance to fluids and barrier protection so that safety of health care workers and patients is ensured.


Performance properties of infection control supplies such as barrier protection, minimum strength and fluid resistance gain much more importance in the operating rooms of the health care facilities. For example, in the case of surgical gowns there is a standard recommended guideline for liquid barrier performance to protect health care workers during surgical procedures and other actions in which there is exposure to potentially infectious material such as body fluids, blood, etc.

All infection control products have to be assessed in terms of their protective capabilities, which also include its barrier requirements. Products such as surgical gowns also need to be selected based on several criteria such as the type of surgery being performed, the duration of the surgery and the surgeons’ exposure level during the surgical process to blood and other infectious fluids.

Four kinds of tests are conducted for the performance towards liquid barriers on all infection control products and supplies such as apparel for protection, drapes. These are the Spray Impact Test, the Hydrostatic Pressure Test, the ASTM F1671 and the ASTM F1670.

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