Useful Tips for Making Your Home Safer and Well Protected

While there is no some kind of widely accepted definition of what makes something a home, we can all agree that home is the place where you feel safe and well protected. Still, in order for this relationship to work, all the love and care your home provides you must be returned. In other words, you will have to make sure that your home is also protected from various threats, and annoyances. Let us see then what can you do to improve your home’s safety and make your relationship more pleasant, and long-lasting.

Wind Proofing Your Home

Although wind is not usually considered to be one of the top treats to our homes, it can go a long way to make our lives a living nightmare. So, consider replacing your windows and doors with thicker pane and energy efficient alternatives. Also, wind and icicles make very bad couple. Prevent latter from ever appearing with roof melter tablets. Finally, if you utilize a little bit of smart landscaping and surround your home with few trees and several rows of shrubs you can easily write off the wind as a possible annoyance.

Making Your Home Well-Insulated

If your home is not well-insulated, you may lose heat very quickly during the colder periods of the year. That’s why you should fill any floor gaps you might have, lay loft insulation, and build the 10-15 centimeter drywall over your house’s “cold wall”. You can also make further upgrades on your doors and windows by using window dressing, and fit draught excluders around exterior doors.

Flooring choice

If you take all the possible disasters out of the consideration, you will quickly see that flooring is the part of your house that suffers the most abuse. The most obvious way to prevent that is to cover it with carpets and rugs wherever possible. Not only they will serve as a great protection, they are great way to keep the heat in the room too. Still, covering all the flooring with some kind of fabric is usually not possible, so you should think of the epoxy coating as another very efficient mean for dealing with various scratches and small damages your floors are very exposed to. However, if you consider installing some warm wooden flooring you will need durable wood and reliable Makita cordless tools in order to get the job done.

Unclogging Pipes and Drains

Think of pipes as a veins running through your house. Any problem they may face poses a serious threat to the rest of the organism. Unclogging pipes and drains is the best way to keep them in good shape. Plumbing snake will be your go-to tool for dealing with clogs, but if clog remains out of your reach, you can use vinegar and soda to loosen it and then completely remove the blockage with the combined power of water pressure (no more than 220 liters) and gravity.

Improving the Security

The best way to deal with human intruders is to make sure they never attempt an entry into your home. You can also leave the light, TV or stereo on while you are out of house. Alarm system, motion-triggered lighting, and a dog should be discouraging enough for majority of burglars. You can deal with the rest of them by reinforcing your doors and windows, and installing the window bars.

If you manage to cover all the areas we mentioned above your home should be much safer and pleasant place to live in. The winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean that you have something to worry about.

Daniel Rogers

Daniel has been writing short stories as long as he can remember. His passion for design, art and music inspires him to write as interesting as possible.