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What are Fatayers Made of?

Fatayers are not made of anyone specific ingredient, but rather a combination of ingredients. The main ingredients in Fatayer would be kishk and fatayer dough which is used to make the puffy layers that set it apart from other types of flatbreads.

Kishk is made of cracked wheat, yogurt, and salt. The fatayar dough consists of flour, water, yeast, and oil. Other ingredients that are used in Fatayer include baking powder which helps with the puffiness; black cumin seeds for garnishing; ground meat or cheese depending on whether you want to make vegetarian or meat fatayers.

Finally, the fatayer is usually baked at a high temperature which causes its puffy appearance. All of these ingredients are used to make up one delicious Fatayer that will have your mouth watering!

What is Kishk?

Kishk is fermented milk that has been dried then ground into flour which can be used for making a variety of dishes. This includes a traditional Arab dish which is similar to the more common Greek Maza Plate consisting of kishk, boiled eggs and olive oil; this may also include chopped tomato or cucumber in some countries such as Iraq.

Kishk can be used for making fatayer with flour along with other ingredients like yogurt (whichbest fast food restaurant service in Toronto acts as a binding agent), ground meat, or cheese.

These stuffed pies are popular in the Middle East, where they’re available in different varieties. An aromatic spiced filling is encased in a light-textured yeast-based crust for these delicious savory pies. Fatayer can be served as either a side or main dish; they’re particularly popular during the breakfast hour, accompanied with hot tea or coffee.

Fatayers are made from a blend of ground meat (beef, lamb, and/or pork), onions, spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, salt and pepper. Some cooks add chopped spinach while others use dried mint leaves to give the filling an added flavor dimension; some even substitute crushed red hot peppers for black pepper.

Fatayers can be made and shaped either by hand or using a dough press. Traditionally, the filling is enclosed in squares of thin pastry dough which are folded over to create half-moon shapes before being sealed with an egg wash; alternatively, you could use round sheets of phyllo instead for circular pies. The stuffed pastries can then be cooked in traditional ovens or on a stovetop.

Fatayer are popular throughout the Middle East, especially among Lebanese and Syrian communities. The pies can vary by filling depending upon where you’re from – for example, Syrians tend to use dried mint leaves while Lebanese favor using sumac spice instead of nutmeg. Some cooks also add minced meat to the filling, while others add cooked lentils.

In Egypt and Sudan, fatayer are made from a dough base which is rolled out much thinner than in other Middle Eastern countries; these pies have much less pastry compared to their Lebanese counterparts. The Egyptians also tend to use eggs instead of milk for added richness or they’ll drizzle oil over the cooked pies for added moistness.

In Lebanon, fatayer are made from a light-textured yeast pastry dough which is rolled out thin so that it can be cut into square or round shapes. The filling may include either ground meat and/or spinach while some cooks add chopped mint leaves to give extra flavor dimension; Lebanese also use nutmeg rather than cinnamon for their filling.

These delicious savory pies are found throughout the Middle East, though each country has its own favorite variations on this popular dish.

How to make the dough?

  • To make the dough, first take the yogurt and salt and mix them together.
  • Then, add in half a cup of kishk to three cups of flour to make your dough.
  • Add water gradually until you achieve a smooth consistency for your fatayar dough.
  • The next step is to prepare all ingredients such as minced meat or cheese depending on what type of Fatayer you are making, black cumin seeds for garnishing, baking powder which helps with the puffiness and then finally oil.

After all of these ingredients are prepared they should be combined together to form one delicious paste that will soon become your Fatayer! Bake them at a high temperature until golden brown and enjoy this tasty Arabic dish!

How to Make the Filling?

The most important part of the Fatayer is making sure you have a delicious filling. There are two main types of fillings: spinach and meat.

  •  To make the spinach filling, take some water and boil it until it boils down to half cup.
  •  Then, add in your chopped onions with spices such as salt, pepper, cinnamon powder or sumac.
  •  To make the meat filling, take some oil and fry your onions with spices like salt, pepper, or cumin seeds.
  •  Then add in your ground beef/lamb/pork until cooked thoroughly on medium to low heat.
  •  Take both of these fillings and combine them together to create one tasty paste!
  •  Add all ingredients together and mix them thoroughly to create the perfect Fatayer.

Now that you know how to make a wonderful filling, it’s time for assembling all of your ingredients together! For this part, take some dough, roll it out into circles with little thickness or squares depending on what shape fatayar you want to make. Add in some oil (to prevent the dough from sticking to your hand) and start layering it. After you have done this, brush some egg on top of the dough so that when you bake them they will turn golden brown! Finally sprinkle with black cumin seeds for added flavor and crunchiness before putting in the oven at 338 degrees Fahrenheit (170 Celsius).

After you have taken them out of the oven, brush some butter on top and enjoy! If you want to eat your fatayer with a salad, cut it into smaller pieces and serve as an appetizer.

How long do they last?

Fatayers can be stored for up to a week in the fridge and still taste amazing. They also freeze well so you can stock up on all of your favorite Fatayer flavors without worrying about them going bad!

What do they go with?

Fatayers are typically eaten as an appetizer or side dish, but some people like to eat them as their main course. Fatayers go great with all kinds of dips such as hummus, tahini, or baba ghanoush!

In Conclusion

Bread is a staple food in Western culture. It’s used in many dishes, including fatayers. Made from dough that has been kneaded and cooked before being cut into small squares or triangles, this type of pastry can be made with any type of bread dough–from rye to white flour. The most traditional fatayer filling includes lamb meat but you can also use ground beef, vegetables like spinach or cabbage, cheese, spices such as nutmeg or allspice along with eggs for binding purposes. If you are looking for the best Fatayer Shop near me, look for The Fatayer Shop. Not only do they offer the tastiest fatayer, but they are also the provider of the best fast food restaurant service in Toronto.

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