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Workplace Health & Safety: The Importance of a Clean Offices

When you own a business, a laundry list of duties and concerns go through your head several times a day: operations, expenses, is somebody going to tender their resignation again—you know, the works. Although we all hate to admit it, we often overlook cleanliness at the workplace as a priority in our daily dealings.

Beyond making trash cans accessible and ensuring the washroom doesn’t run out of toilet paper, do we really stop to think if our offices are actually healthy, clean, and safe for everyone working there, 8 hours a day, 5 (or more) days a week?

Although COVID-19 has amplified the need to uphold workplace health and safety standards, keeping the office clean has always brought undeniable benefits besides minimizing the possibility of a viral infection, such as:


The average employee spends 8 hours a day in the workplace, doing what must be done to keep your business, as well as themselves, afloat. When your workers consider the office as their second home, you know it means more to them than just a place to hang around for a few hours and suck money out of.

As their employer, you have to make the effort to maintain an environment that’s conducive for productivity. A number of studies show that a cleaner, more organized workplace makes for a happier, more efficient workforce, as employees enjoy:

Improved mood 

A cluttered workspace is one of the biggest causes of workplace stress. A grumpy, disoriented employee won’t be able to function properly at work.

Help them feel comfortable and focused by facilitating efforts for a neat, well-kept space–a workspace that’s conducive for better moods, efficiency, and productivity. With this, your employees might even be more agreeable to work longer hours (when certain circumstances call for it) because they don’t feel trapped and uneasy working inside the office.

Enhanced morale

Have you ever tried sleeping in an unkempt, cluttered bedroom? This might be how your employees feel working in an office where there’s just trash and unfiled documents and…is that a rat in the corner? We’re not saying this is your office, but if you can help it, you must lead the way in ensuring that your employees won’t have to dash out disgusted after a long 8 hours of passing by scattered paperwork and (possibly) dead office rodents.

Longer equipment life

Besides human resources, non-living entities at the workplace also benefit from a clean workplace. Communal equipment such as printers, photocopiers, fax machines, and telephones should be cleaned and maintained to prevent breakages, which could lead to downtimes and delays. To prevent fires and early expiry, electrical machines need to be dusted regularly. The same is true even if you’re making use of furniture and equipment rentals in Toronto.

Remember, your employees also carry your brand and your business. Besides what they do for you, what they say to other people about what goes on inside also matters. Give them more good reasons to promote your business without having to sell themselves out. Help them help you.


With the possibility of a viral infection looming everywhere we go, nowhere seems safe. In Toronto, safety inspection has become the norm for businesses with physical spaces reopening and even online security guard training is a must for security personnel. With a clean and well-maintained office, you can:

Help lessen sick days

When you’re working in an office that’s just reopened after a pandemic hit the business, you’re wary about you and your workers getting sick. Even the commonest of colds can be a risk, and you’re never entirely sure about your place being COVID-free despite implementing the most strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols.

Nevertheless, a well-maintained and sanitary office lessens the risk of germs and viruses that can compromise not just your employees’ but your customers’ heath as well. The lesser the absenteeism, the more things done to further progress at the workplace—and it starts by keeping your workforce healthy.

Improve air quality

Your office is a breeding ground for allergens and pollutants that are harmful to your employees, especially those who have allergies and are immunocompromised. Investing in a proper air filtration system and keeping (living) indoor plants are some ways to help your employees breathe better, cleaner air while working inside your office.

Save lives

Boxes in corridors, expired bottles of product with toxic substances, piles of paper meant to be shredded three years ago—these could all become obstacles or hazards in the event of a fire or earthquake. Even in the most unfortunate circumstances, cleanliness still counts for something. Dispose of everything you don’t need at the office so you can be on top of keeping your employees safe and alive in case of an emergency.

While it is important to instill a culture of cleanliness in every nook and cranny of your office, do not leave major cleaning duties to your employees. Limit their duties to proper waste disposal, workspace organization, and other minor to-dos.

There are companies that are licensed and have the knowledge necessary to make sure your workspace is up to current workplace health and safety standards. Commit to overall health and safety by leaving the critical parts to the professionals.


They say first impressions last, and when you look bad to a potential customer, they’re most likely to jump to the conclusion that your business isn’t worth paying for. Dirty floors, dingy corridors, a washroom that stinks with a toilet that won’t flush? All of these tiny details pile up together to make one big “WE’RE NOT WORTHY OF YOUR TIME” sign.

On the other hand, when your office looks tidy and feels clean to a tee, anybody coming in might feel confident and comfortable engaging with you and your employees, and this may ultimately lead to a sale or a deal being closed. Clean premises tell a customer, Hello, welcome, we’re ready to help you. With this impression of efficiency and strong attention to detail, they’ll want to work with you…and keep working with you.

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