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You Can Enjoy Your Weekends Without Alcohol

Though many people enjoy alcohol and the way it makes them feel, nobody enjoys the hangover the day after. People tend to forget that alcohol is a drug and this quite possible makes it the most dangerous drug of all.

Few people seem to have convictions about drinking alcohol in ridiculous quantities, even though more young adults from the age of 15-24 die from alcohol abuse than from any other drug. Alcohol truly transforms a person into a being whom hardly resembles who the individual was before.

40% of violent crimes occur under the influence of alcohol, and out of 3.9 million Americans who received treatment for substance abuse problems in 2005, 2.5 million were due to alcohol abuse. Alcohol is  a drug that is cunning and opens up the door to things that don’t hide their much more malicious motives.

Why is alcohol so appealing? Why do people party every weekend and drink their lives and bank accounts away all for some stumbling fun or drunk love? Here are some harsh facts about alcohol, as well as some ways to enjoy your weekends without alcohol in the picture, because honestly, it’s not worth the risk.

Face the Facts

AUD, or Alcohol Use Disorder is on the rise and taking on a frightening life in the world. AUD is defined as a drinking problem that causes anywhere from mild to extreme harm. Studies say that only 20% of people who have AUD will receive treatment. In 10 years, the disorder has risen from an affect rate of 30.3% to a staggering 43.6% and many who have the disorder don’t know that they have it.

The key to fighting the rising problem of alcohol abuse is to educate people about the harmful effects and give them alternative things to enjoy that won’t bring harm to themselves or other people.

Alternatives to Drinking

Realistically, there a million things a person can do to enjoy their weekends that don’t involve red solo cups or a bottle of Jack. It’s about desiring change and understanding that your life will be better for not drinking. You don’t have to not drink every weekend, but you should learn moderation. It will help you health wise and money wise, if not anything else. There are also many ways to relax, and sometimes, the simplest of tasks can be the most fulfilling ones.

So this weekend consider getting out on the town and attending the theatre, going to a museum, going to a movie, or taking a walk in the park with friends. Read a book, play games, watch movies, bake delicious goodies, learn a new skill, or just spend some quality time with your children or loved ones. The options don’t end. Make smart choices to ensure that your days don’t run out before the options do.


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