10 ways a security guard keep you safe

Being a security guard means working hard and for long hours to keep people safe. It doesn’t matter where you are in a shopping center or at your residence, you need to trust yourself and be more responsible. Several qualities make security safe and the best in the business. In case you’re wondering what those qualities are, we have put them all together in today’s post. Continue reading to find out more.

  1. The body armour

Wearing proper body armour matters the most in certain cases, depending on the location assigned. The higher the danger and risk are, the stronger the clothing should be. But since there are several vests available, you should have a solid idea of which one is the most suitable as it gets rid of all potential threats. Paying attention to the assigned levels helps massively when it comes to protecting you. There are several levels of protection and this includes several rounds.

  1. Teamwork matters

If the security personnel is based on the same location as you have, you can combine those efforts. You can plan the routes together; do much surveillance together on suspicious individuals to make sure that you are familiar with all the emergency situations possible. The more you put work in together, the more you will be able to handle different challenges and scenarios.

  1. They always stay alert

When you happen to work within the same location every single day, have the same routes to take, seeing the same faces every day, it can be quite easy and complacent. You will feel like you know what kind of situations you will face and how you can take care of them. However, you will never know whenever this might change. A good security guard will stay alert and prepare for these eventualities. Only because one scenario has not happened yet, it does not mean that it can never happen or even won’t.

  1. Wear good gloves

Along with wearing those vests, you might also expect your security guard to wear anti-slash gloves. These are specifically designed to knives or even weapons that allow you to seize the weapons without even risking the hands. A wound on the fingers or the palms can also leave you feeling unsafe which leads to crime and injuries. So it’s always better to keep the gloves intact.

  1. Checks the armour daily

Having a bulletproof stab vest has signs of any damages done to you in the past could leave to exposed to various damages. Bullet holes along with tears tend to create spaces for blades and rounds that can be easy to pass through. That’s why it’s better to check the vests daily to ensure there are no signs of defects at all. It’s better to never risk these at all.

  1. Stop, listen and look

Every time a security guard is patrolling, he is expecting unexpected things to occur. To ensure the guard’s senses do not become dull between the events, the security guard has to stop while he is on patrol, look around a bit here and there are see the surroundings. Such forced pauses will help improve attention towards each detail. It will also help you recognize those who are bad and are sneaking around.

  1. Works like a team

A good security guard will always keep his team ready. He will plan the routes together, do multi-point surveillances on individuals that are suspicious and make sure they are all familiar when it comes to the process and procedure of emergency cases. The more you work together, the more you will be able to handle scenarios that are difficult and challenging. Companies like ICORP Security Company ensure all their security guards work together as a team.

  1. Stay in shape

Complacency could easily lead you to lose body shape, which is why it is important to make sure that your bodyguard stays in shape all the time. Staying in a good physical condition also means that you can go ahead and take extra photos, cut down all the snacks and make sure to hit the gym a few times every week so that you are in great shape. Maintaining a good physique is vital and necessary when it comes to staying strong, healthy and fit and also to maintain your position as a security guard.

  1. Know what the limits are

Security guards often do whatever it takes to protect people. It is described as the nature of their job. In some cases, it also needs you to provide some special assistance. While it could be slightly empty to act heroically in several situations, you may not have the ability to handle, it is essential to keep all the safety of others in mind. You have to make sure you understand the protocol when it comes to dealing with special cases and also defers the responsibility of the party that is best suited when it comes to handling any situation.

  1. Final Points

Because security patrol is a dangerous job to do, the security guard can protect the guards by making sure they know how to patrol in a fashion where your safety comes first. Using these tips works wonderfully as a jumping point. Once the guards have easily mastered them, the security head can develop ways in which he can improve himself.

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