3 Reasons to Choose a Handmade Table Lamp

Light is undoubtedly an essential element of every interior space, but to some extent, it is something more than its traditional function. Lighting fixtures such as table lamps can add so much charm and joy to the place where you stay. Although a lamp looks simple and normal, it’s often the simple things that make a significant impression. Hence, choosing the right table lamp should not be overlooked. It can make your room different from the overall feeling of your interior design. Thus, it is necessary to make the right decision when you are buying a table lamp.

Among all the table lamps in the market, the handmade table lamp would be the top choice for its elegance and delicacy. A company named BRLIGHTING has provided its customers with high-quality and visually-appealing handmade table lamps since 1998. With over 20 years of lighting manufacturing experience, its products are widely appreciated around the world for their designs and quality. Below are five reasons to choose a handmade table lamp of BRLIGHTING as an example that can satisfy all your needs for a table lamp.

1. Trendy and Classic

The handmade dark green crystal two balls with an extraordinary grain table lamp is a beautiful and unique design created by BRLIGHTING. The two spherical crystal of the body is endowed with a trendy and classic design, which is a genuinely attractive piece of art. The design team gets rid of the traditional model, matching the overall collocation with a Nordic minimalist style, which colouring every corner of the home and allow the colour to be more lively. Dark green is a proper choice that can be dreamy, mysterious, and it can also be vibrant magic. Besides, it is made of coloured glaze and crystal, utilizing modern manufacturing technology, which has a slick, fluid appearance and embracing elegance and craftsmanship.

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2. Calm and Magnificent

Wherever it is placed, it is sure to lend that natural tranquillity and nobleness to your room. It creates a cosy, warm atmosphere that a bedroom requires, which is perfect for gently falling off to sleep. Who wants to wake up and switch off the light when feeling sleepy? Moreover, when installed in a living room or bedroom, it will give out a soft glow and pleasant that will sublime your interior. Whether you are sitting with your partners or reading a book, the light of a crystal ball table lamp always gives the most flattering glow and pleases to your mind.

3.Functional and Decorative

It is a bonus that a lamp can also pull double duty as a decorative element. This dark green table lamp is not just providing the lighting function but also serves other décor elements. Its affordable luxury style is perfect for styling home, villa, and hotel. This stunning dark green table lamp combines beauty and practicality in a single product, making it the ideal handmade addition to your room. What’s more, the unique and irregular design matches any style decoration of every room. Not only does it look fantastic by itself during day time, but it also adds a vibrant touch to your room’s ambience. Unlike others, this lamp lights up your living space with an exquisite motif and a regal finesse.

The three features above indicate the reason why you need to choose a handmade table lamp. A case in point is BRLIGHTING, which has a factory, a crystal factory, and a lighting factory of its own. Therefore, it can better control the quality and design of their products with the quality control department and professional QC team. If you need a handmade table lamp to cos up a favorite corner of your home, then BRLIGHTING worths your attention more than you expected.

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