4 Best Ways to Glam Up Your Vintage Homes!

Old homes are the new homes today! Nowadays, people are crazy for adopting vintage designs and retro styles to decorate their homes and other places like offices or studios! Owning a house that itself is decades old is something of a novelty. If you have a house that is all built up in ancient wood or if you have inherited a house with 80’s charm, don’t let it go, or even lose its vintage charm. You can stay at the place and recreate its magic that’ll make this place the best home you could ever get. Best part? With the right kind of design and ingenuity, you don’t even need to compromise on modern facilities and luxuries. 

Vintage homes are basically properties older than a few decades. Some experts tag the properties or items that are at least a hundred-year-old as vintage, while some consider even the ones 50 years old as historical treasure. Whatever the date line is, it is pretty easy and even less expensive to create a wonderful living space in these kinds of houses. Interior design is never about creating a space that looks out of place. If you are blessed to have a home with some character, the fun is to preserve the feel of it without letting go of any necessary amenities.

Simple Yet Impressive Techniques to Beautify Your Vintage Houses!

Old homes have a persona of their own. No one can deny their aged charm and charismatic look. But most of the times, such homes are neglected for long before they fall in the hands of someone who would love and appreciate it. That is why, often their charm fades with the ravages of time. Here are some ways in which you can infuse that retro charm back to the property: 

  • Renew the Paint The very first step you could take to make your old home look lively again is painting it afresh! Select a colour that would coordinate with your retro style furniture or interiors. Most of the time, a vintage home looks best in light creams and beiges, as it compliments well with the woodwork all around. Also, with those long windows, there’s going to be a lot of sunlight in the place, and with light colours, it’ll get reflected, creating a happy vibe. But to get this, always choose expert professional painters in Perth. ATC Painting and Decorating are well known in creating beautiful exterior and interior walls, and that too at reasonable rates. They can advise you about the kind of paint, the shade of paint and much more, and execute the project for you as well.
  • Polish the Floor— Most of the old houses have hardwood floors. These have been in place for decades, and obviously would have turned dull and scratched in the course of years. A sanding procedure on the floor will give it a new shine and clean all the dirt and dust accumulation of years. Also, by polishing the same after sanding, you are going to seal it with glam and beauty for the next ten to fifteen years. You can choose the same old polish or try a new one to create some different look in the place.
  • Touch Up the Furniture — Furniture is another proud possession of the owner of a vintage home. There can be round beds with a curtain around, or simple square shaped four poster beds with firm wooden legs below, or cupboards that are spacious and airy and with an impressive wooden carving on it. To replace them can be a huge loss of art and accessories. Even if the furniture would have been worn out at some places, you can easily get that repaired. A polishing done on the same will bring back its natural charm and shine; and soon the retro furniture would be gleaming in your house along with everything else in the place.
  • Furnishings and Electronics— If you are lucky to get a fully furnished retro home, you just have to style it up with a retro styled furnishing to complete its look. Just a few long but flared curtains to drape around the large windows, basic jute sofa covers or thick upholstery and basic rugs to go with it all. This would give it a perfect historical look. You can also clean and polish your antique furniture, showpieces or frames to compliment It better. Repairing and cleaning up the aged yet attractive chandeliers and fans would make the place more awesome and appealing. Also, when it comes to electronics, try to camouflage your modern gadgets to go with the flow of the vintage designs. The TVs and home theatres can be kept inside wooden cabinets, CCTV and video door phones installed in a manner that they don’t come in the line of vision.

Vintage is pure elegance! Homes that have stories from bygone days come with distinct designs, jaw dropping details, plus tapestry and much more – so much so that they almost seem to have a soul of their own. The last thing you would want to do is strip the house of its soul. The good news is that with proper planning, clever design and thoughtful execution you can enjoy the best of both worlds (old and new) without having to compromise. 

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