4 Deep-Web’s Creepiest Websites You Can Visit If You’re Fearless

Today, you can do almost everything online. From playing games, ordering pizza, buying clothes, watching movies, reading manga, you name it; you can do it on the internet. There are countless websites you can visit online. Due to the sheer number of sites, there’s no shortage of places and stuff you can get to know about.

However, the volume of websites also presents a lot of people with problems. The number of sites readily available online becomes a drawback because of the content it contains. These websites can have explicit material. Some even have malicious programs with criminal intent. The bad news for these sites, however, is that they are more prone to surveillance by law enforcement agencies.

Due to the strict surveillance, the people behind these websites go even deeper, or in most cases, they go even darker. Enter the Deep Web. The deep web is a place online that hides lots of dark websites that contain explicit content and links to illegal activities. Going headfirst into the deep web can spell trouble if you don’t know what you’re getting into.

For one, the deep web has websites that have links to illegal activities. If you’re unprotected, law enforcement agencies will lure you into “Honey Pot” operations where you can be held liable for your browsing activity. If that isn’t enough to scare you from visiting dark websites in the deep web, here are some sites that will scare your wits out:

Hacker’s Bay:

As mentioned earlier, the deep web can have links that point you towards illegal activities. One of these websites is Hacker’s Bay. Hacker’s Bay is a yellow page directory for people who want to hire a hacker.

Hackers are people who engage in hacking. Let’s get it straight, though; not all hackers engage in illegal activities. There are three major categories of hackers to know about:

Black Hat HackersThose who specialize in illicit activities such as identity theft and DDOS attacks.

White Hat HackersThose who help governments catch criminals such as pedophiles and drug smugglers.

Grey Hat HackersHackers who border between Black Hat and White Hat activities.

As websites like Hacker’s Bay are only listings, they aren’t responsible for the actions that contracted hackers do. Always practice caution when dealing with hackers as they can easily make you a target as well.

Hidden Wiki:

The Hidden Wiki is the deep web’s version of Wikipedia. The Hidden Wiki is a site that lists links to different websites on the deep web. As you might have already noticed, deep web URLs often don’t make sense, which is why finding them can be difficult.

The Hidden Wiki makes it much easier as they list down websites on the deep web. Do be careful as these sites aren’t flagged whether they are safe to visit or not. The Hidden Wiki used to list pedophile websites on it and is a favorite target for law enforcement agencies. Be wary of visiting likes the Hidden Wiki as you might be an innocent target of both criminals and law enforcement.

Red Rooms:

One of the most prominent websites on the deep web that you hear about all the time are websites like Red Room. These websites often display experiments on humans and animals. Some clips can even be live, depending on availability. Believe it or not, there’s a market for these types of things. If you want to know more about these types of sites, you can visit mysteriousheartland.com.

Be wary of visiting these sites as the content it has can be very gruesome. On these websites, you can see live vivisections of animals, people torturing other people, snuff footage, etc. The bad news is that these sites can be very cheap, meaning almost everyone can watch them. If you thought that these activities are for movies, think twice.

Bidders or viewers often have a say on what to do on these people. Requests can vary from the ridiculously fun, to the wicked experimentations. As with other deep web sites, some law enforcement personnel might be here to collect data on an innocent visit from unprotected visitors and use that as evidence for making arrests. Visit these sites with caution; you have been warned.

Numbers Stations:

The deep web has no shortage of creepy websites that have no apparent reason for existing. One of these websites is “Numbers Stations.” This website is a website where you can hear chatter, random people talking, in several dialects, in several languages. You can even hear loud static someone rambling about numbers at certain points.

No one is sure about the goal of the website as the only content you’ll find there is the noise. Some argue that it’s just that, a website for noise. Some, however, believe that a website is a place where government spies and military personnel send secret messages to each other. Whatever reason the site exists, don’t put your headphones on loud when you visit this site.


The deep web is a place where you can find lots of weird, scary, and terrifying websites. Always practice caution when visiting the deep web and its dark websites. Be careful of every interaction you’re making as the other person on the line might be a hacker that wants your credit card information. They can also be a police officer ready to lure you into honey pot operations, or they can be someone or something else. You have been warned.

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