4 Interesting Educational Paths Teenagers Can Explore for Themselves

There are so many different ways to make money and such a variety of educational paths available, that choosing which way to go is often confusing for teenagers. It is helpful for them to explore an educational path before fully embarking on it. Read on for some great ideas about fascinating fields that teenagers can look in to on their own.

Writing Degrees

Teens can explore the world of writing by crafting articles for the high school newspaper or by entering youth writing contests held by magazines as well as local and national organizations. If teens pursue a writing degree, future job possibilities include web content writing, technical writing, sports writing, and freelance writing. Some writers also work in the medical and legal fields. Almost every single industry has the need for good writers to create material for them.  Whether it be marketing, informational, or managing website content, writers are always going to be needed.

Dance Degrees

Teens drawn to the field of dance and choreography may explore the field by taking and giving dance lessons at a studio, and by creating choreography for high school musicals, pep rallies, or dance team performances. Teens can pursue a fine arts degree in dance at many universities and class courses teach not only technique, but also anatomy and nutrition, as well as dance history. Even the music industry has need for good dancers, especially for big bands that have stage routines that accompany their music. This means that many people are needed for dance positions within the music industry.  Countless other industries are also in constant need of good choreography.

Aviation Degrees

Teens can job shadow licensed pilots or begin a personal mentoring relationship with one. Teens can join the Air Force Junior Reserve Office Training Corps, or learn about the dynamics of flight by attending a summer aviation camp. Some colleges, like the Institute of Aviation at Parkland College, know that there are many learning resources for aviation. Whether deciding to go on to join the Air Force, to pursue aviation as a hobby, or as a career path, learning about the principles of flight is very engaging. Teens who go on to obtain an aviation degree may find work as pilots, flight instructors, or specialize in airport management.

Mechanical Engineering Degrees

Teens interested in the field of mechanical engineering may wish to attend a summer engineering camp or course. Some colleges offer these opportunities and many high schools have robotics teams. There are also various science and engineering competitions available. Teens may pursue online contests or may attend in person project based learning challenges. Various local libraries also offer free hands on science, math, engineering, and problem solving classes and courses. Students who go on to earn a mechanical engineering degree may find work focusing in the arena of consumer goods, or for oil, automotive, aerospace, or medical companies.

There is no need to enter college blindly or without career direction. Teens have fabulous opportunities to examine and experience various educational paths prior to entering college. The more experience gained ahead of time, the more focused and engaged teens will be about the promising future that lies ahead.

Rachelle Wilber

Rachelle Wilber is a freelance writer living in the San Diego, California area.

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