4 Jobs to do before moving into a new home

Getting the keys to a new home is always going to be exciting – you have a new space to call home and make your own. But naturally it can take some time for things to get organised and feel homely. From fitting new ceramic floor tiles to getting your bills in order – these suggestions for jobs to do before you move in, will help make sure everything’s in order before you arrive

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Moving house can be a messy business with lots of people traipsing in and out during the move, plus you can’t always guarantee what state a property has been left in, therefore giving your new home a major clean is essential. Without the obstacles of furniture and people, tackling the cleaning before you move in will ensure every nook and cranny has been vacuumed, scrubbed and disinfected. With time to air it and give it a deep clean with your usual cleaning products, it will feel and smell clean, fresh and just like home in not time.

Tackle DIY projects

There’s often aspects of a property that need a little tender loving care; and while some are liveable and it can be beneficial to live in a property first to figure out how you want it to be, you don’t always have to hold off. Dealing with DIY projects before you get properly settled can be a great way to minimise the disruption and mess, and bring you one step closer to a creating your dream home. Whether it’s embarking on a complete kitchen re-fit, giving the whole house a fresh lick of paint or replacing the old bathroom tiles with new porcelain tiles, all these DIY projects can work wonders in helping you feel more settled and keep stress levels down when work is being carried out.

Get your bills in order

There’s no escaping the fact that when you move house there are a great deal of things you need to do, one of which is getting your bills in order. From notifying utility providers and banks of your change in address to getting internet and cable television connected within your home, ensuring all your bills are paid up to date on old properties and registered to your new home will make things much less stressful and make for a smoother transition.

Forward your post

To make sure you don’t miss any important correspondence, as well as ensure your personal information is kept secure and doesn’t get into the wrong hands, it’s always a good idea to get your post forwarded to your new address for at least a few months. You can arrange this easily at your local post office and online with varying re-direction periods. From driving licences, bank and utilities through to telecom services and loyalty cards, it can afford you more time to get all your accounts up to date with your new address.

Getting all this done before you pack up the truck is sure to make the big move at least a little less stressful!

Julie Lord

I have a Masters degree in PPE (UK) and now research and write as a freelancer on a variety of subjects such as personal finance, home improvements and work-life balance.

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