4 Wheel Electric Forklift Vs 3 Wheel Forklift

Well, it can be quite a daunting task to determine whether to purchase or rent the right forklift for the job. There are common notions about forklifts because people often think they execute the same task without knowing each type is made for different application and renders a different output. Although the 3-wheel and 4-wheel forklift have some identical features and benefits, they have some major differences.

4-Wheel Forklift

The 4-wheel forklifts work brilliantly for turning with a heavy load and gives better stability. The 4 wheel electric forklift will do better at moving the load to the right place if you have an uneven or rough work area. Depending on the brand of the 4-wheel electric forklifts, they have different capacities to lift the load.

The 4-wheel forklifts are better known for their gradeability. In some forklift you will get 3+1 performance mode with high lifting and travelling speed. The majority of the brands have an identical4 Wheel Electric Forklift
amount of drive system and power, however, the gradeability of the machines are higher. This is crucial for a company that requires handling big warehouses to shift heavy machinery and equipment around steep areas.

Retail outlets and hardware stores often use the 4-wheel electric forklifts; however, they can manage key requirements as well such as tool installation of dies, presses and jigs. For companies with huge capacity requirements and rough flooring areas, a 4-wheel electric forklift is more desirable.

3-Wheel Forklift

A 3-wheel forklift is ideal for indoor warehouses having smooth surfaces. They are just brilliant in spaces where you have small areas. As they are widely seen in garden centres, building warehouses and other places, they’re appropriate for most industries.

3 Wheel Forklift Nissan UniCarriersCompared to 4-wheel forklifts, the 3-wheel forklifts have a smaller turning circle. Suppose you have restricted area in the warehouse and want to navigate small spaces then this is an excellent alternative. A 3-wheel forklift is equipped with a counterbalance, which facilitates the machine to manoeuvre smoothly. As different brand’s 3-wheel forklift come fitted with different balance feature, 3-wheel forklift of different brands like (Yale, EP, Toyota forklifts, Nissan Forklifts) has different maximum weight load capabilities. A 3-wheel forklift is perfect for applications that have outside and inside use as well as rack loading. With its combination of counterbalance and under-clearance, the 3-wheel forklift can enhance productivity due to its tight manoeuvrability.

Though the manoeuvrability of the 3-wheel forklift can increase production, there are certain differences. A 3-wheel electric drive configuration has a twin steer wheel installed centrally under the counterweight. Because they generally cannot have a load capacity of over 2500 kg, a 3-wheel electric drive is used for a lighter load application.

Choosing a Forklift

It is significant to choose the ideal forklift brand/equipment. In case, you don’t have the ideal forklift brand/equipment, it can end up causing issues with the turning radiuses and load capacities. To acquire the best forklift for your organisation, you’ll have to compare several models that are available in current market and buy forklifts from your nearby location where you can also get various models of new forklifts for sale.

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