4 Yesteryear Toys That are Now Collector’s Items


Families and childcare providers who have held on to the toys of previous generations may be able to sell them for cash to eager collectors who obtain them for various purposes. Some individuals just want to have fun with toys from yesteryear that they played with as kids. There are also shops or businesses that collect a variety of classic toys in order to sell them as decorative pieces for a child’s bedroom retro design. Whatever their reason, there are plenty of buyers for vintage toys. Selling your collection of old playthings can benefit both the buyer and the seller. Here are some of the most popular toys being sought.

Action Figures

G.I. Joe, the male army soldier figure, and Ken, Barbie’s toy companion, are two of the most popular items being purchased by collectors nowadays. A single one of these action figures can be worth thousands of dollars, provided that they’re in good condition. Character figures from well-known kids’ movies and TV shows are also sought by individuals and professional collectors.

Growing interest in robotic toys has led to a resurgent interest in old Transformers toys for sale as well as similar robot figures. Though the prices vary from toy to toy, a first generation Optimus Prime can cost about $12,000.

Building Kits

Erector sets and building blocks remain a perennial favorite of toy collectors, possibly because they encourage creative play that helps children to develop important skills like eye-hand coordination and logical deduction. Old fashioned wooden blocks and LEGO building pieces, along with Lincoln Logs, are popular items that children of each generation can enjoy. Assembled into well-designed buildings, they make a nice accent for a child’s bedroom or the family room.


Victorian dollhouses are likely the gold standard for this toy collectible, but there are many others prized by individuals and toy collectors alike. Since the 1800s, additional dollhouse styles have emerged to capture the imagination of children and adults alike. Barbie’s Dream House, Cinderella’s Castle, and a host of other themed dollhouses are often bought by adoring fans or savvy collectors.

Stuffed Animals

Plush animal toys are always popular with kids in every generation. Retro stuffed toy collections can bring a good price for those willing to part with them. Cushy pet pals from Sesame Street, Disney films, and classic books like Winnie the Pooh never go out of style. Make sure the plush toys are clean and in good condition before contacting a buyer.

While many Beanie Babies aren’t worth much anymore, there are some that are worth a lot. One of the most famous is the notorious royal blue Peanut the Elephant. Due to a manufacturing error, these Beanie Babies were made in a much darker color than intended and production was stopped after a couple thousand of them were made. That mistake makes these little elephants worth $3,000 or more, if they’re in good quality.

Consider having your retro toys evaluated or appraised to determine their market value. Those in good condition that you successfully sell may earn you far more than their original purchase price.

Brooke Chaplan

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