5 Affordable Cities for Retirees in North America

Affordability matters a lot when you retire, and where you live is one of the top determining factors in your cost of living. You’re no longer actively earning a salary and you’re depending on a combination of pension income and retirement savings to enjoy your later years.

With limited financial resources, you have to be careful about where you choose to live and factor that into your budget. If you’re looking to make a move, whether you’re downsizing or planning to move into a retirement home, consider some of the most affordable cities in North America for seniors.

#1 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg remains one of the most affordable cities in Canada thanks to its relatively low housing costs in comparison to income. On average, only 16 percent of a Winnipegger’s salary goes to housing, well below the 30 percent benchmark used to measure affordability.

The low cost of living is a great reason to check out retirement homes in Winnipeg, but there’s more to the city than low housing costs.

Winnipeg is a big, vibrant city, with over 700,000 residents and plenty of great, urban neighborhoods where seniors can easily walk to access shops, services, and more. Areas like Rivergrove, Osborne Village, and Charleswood are great places for seniors, while Wolseley is full of independent and trendy shops and cafes.

#2 Stratford, Ontario

For those who love small-town living but also enjoy theater and great dining, Stratford, Ontario is a little town of 30,000 right in Ontario’s agricultural heartlands. Home to the Stratford Festival, a months-long theater festival taking place in three theaters with some of the biggest productions in Canada, this tiny town punches above its weight culturally.

The influx of tourists, artists, actors, and retirees combine to give this small town a world-class dining scene. Stratford is one of the best places to retire in Ontario.

#3 Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is considerably more affordable than other cities in Canada and the United States, and more affordable than its rival city Calgary. The city is also known for its stunning natural features, including extensive parks along the North Saskatchewan River. Edmonton has live theater, fun museums, the Winspear Center (home of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra), and some great film festivals.

#4 Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is one of the best cities in North America for nature lovers. Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, great skiing, hiking, and camping are only a short drive away. But if your skiing days are over and you’re more interested in staying out of the winter weather, downtown Calgary has an answer to that, too. The Plus 15 system is an elevated walkway connecting all your shopping destinations for the length of 16 kilometers.

#5 Ottawa, Ontario

For all the advantages and amenities of a big city without the congestion and crime, retire in Ottawa. Ottawa is a much more affordable place than many other North American cities, while still offering world-class healthcare, entertainment, culture, and nightlife.

Where you retire means everything when it comes to affordability. These 5 affordable cities are both vibrant and meet your budget.

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