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5 Amazing Places To Visit In Hambantota

5 Amazing Places To Visit In Hambantota

Hambantota is the main town in Hambantota District in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Being a victim of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, this underdeveloped area is still undergoing major developments projects such as the construction of an international airport and a sea port. Others like the Hambantota Cricket Stadium are to form part of the government’s plan to make the town a major urban hub of Sri Lanka after Colombo.
Graced in tranquillity, dry landscape and colonial architecture, the town is famous for its salt flats and hot arid climate. Below are 5 of the most places to visit in Hambantota:

Bundala national park

Situated in the South East of Sri Lanka, this scenic location is highly rated among tourists. It is a haven of wildlife and was upgraded to a national park in 1993. It was christened as the 4th biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The national park is bordered by 4 insipid lagoons, with the whole of 6200 hectares being decorated by vivid coloured bird species looking for palatable harvests. Flamingos are the dominant birds of the migrants. A variety of sea turtles visit the coastal area during the night to lay their eggs. Other bird species include grey heron, jacana, painted stork and parakeet. Elephants may be seen strolling in the park, and crocodiles in the lagoons


This is the largest blow hole in Sri Lanka, and the second largest among the six large blow holes on the world. It is a natural fountain which is formed as water from the sea rushes past through a cave found under the rocks. The outlet is situated at the top of the fissured cliff, which is approximately 20 meters above sea level. Hummayanaya is located in a small coastal fishing village called Kudawella in Hambantota. In the month of June when the southwest monsoon is experienced, the blowhole is most breath-taking.

Situlpawwa Temple

Situlpawwa temple is beautiful ancient temple, once known well known as Budhist monastery. It is located in the Hambantota district and is held in high regard an important historical site for Buddhist teachings. The temple is a 67 feet high and 30 feet long cave with ancient inscriptions inside it.

Martello Tower

Martello tower, which is sometimes known as Martellos, is a defensive fort built by the British Empire in the late 18th century. It is located a few meters south of the Hambanthota Rest House. Martello Tower is 25 feet in height and 40 feet in diameter and consists of two stories. From the top of the Martello towers, one can see as far as 25 miles of the Indian Ocean. It is one of the few in found in the world and the only one of its kind in Sri Lanka. The rest are in France and Germany while many others were destroyed during war.

Rekawa Turtle Breeding Centre

Situated close to 10 km east of Tangalle, a turtle breeding beach in Rekawa is a perfect holiday destination for animal lovers. The Sri Lankan Expeditions work closely with the Turtle Conservation Project, in the turtle watch programme, where visitors come to watch the ancient ritual of turtles who come ashore the Rekawa beach to lay eggs. Of the 8 species of familiar marine turtles, 5 of them nest in this coastline, drawing a large numbers of people who come to watch one of nature’s most fascinating processes. Turtles are a protected species in Sri Lanka.
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