5 Kitchen Calamities and How to Fix Them

You don’t have to be a master chef to handle most common kitchen calamities. Whether you’re dealing with lingering odors, clogged drains, or finding a place for everything, we’ve got the tips you need to fix your problems and keep your kitchen running smoothly. These simple tips will get your biggest kitchen problems handled in time for dinner.


Fridge Odors

A smelly fridge can be really unappetizing. The source is likely spoiled food, but even throwing out last week’s leftovers won’t get rid of the odor. To eliminate lingering smells, start by cleaning out everything in the fridge. Throw out any old food or expired items and wipe down every surface with a mild cleaning solution. If the problem keeps coming back, check your fridge for other issues like an improper temperature setting, power problem, or signs it isn’t working effectively.


Stopped Garbage Disposal

Before attempting to work on your garbage disposal, be sure to unplug it or cut power to the circuit breaker it is connected to. This is essential for your safety. Once it’s powered down, check the blades for freedom of movement using the hex shaped hole at the bottom of the disposal under your sink. If the blades don’t move freely, something in the disposal is blocking them. Use a pair of pliers or tongs to remove anything that might be getting in the way. Once you’ve got the blades clear, plug the disposal back in and press the reset button.


Storage Issues

Do you have a tiny kitchen? Or maybe your problem is more kitchenware than you know what to do with. Either way, you can maximize your storage space and make your kitchen more user-friendly. Keep items you use frequently close at hand and look for shelving, racks, and hooks that let store more in less space. You should also consider what you’re keeping in the kitchen. If you don’t use an item in the kitchen or haven’t used something in quite a while, consider storing it somewhere else to free up space.


Clogged Dishwasher

If your dishwasher isn’t draining properly, a clog is probably to blame. You may be able to resolve the issue yourself by cleaning the drain and checking the hoses. Remove or unscrew the drain cover in the bottom of the machine, and clear away any debris you find there. If that doesn’t do the trick, unscrew the bottom cover and visually inspect the hoses for kinks, creases, bulging, or other signs of a clog. If you can’t resolve the issue, it might be time to call in a professional. A plumber will be able to clear out clogs you can’t reach.


Grease Buildup

Cooking grease can make a real mess, especially over time. Dried on grease can build up around your stove on cooking surfaces, walls, ceilings, and hood. You can whip up an easy, do-it-yourself cleaner to cut through grease and make your oven areas look brand new. Start by spraying surfaces with white vinegar and letting it set for five to ten minutes. Then, wipe everything clean with warm, soapy water. If that doesn’t do the trick, vegetable oil is a surprising alternative that works. Using a paper towel or washcloth, apply the oil to your greasy surfaces and rub gently until the grease residue has been removed.

Once you’ve tackled these kitchen calamities, your cooking spaces will be clean, your fridge odor free, and your appliances will work like new. The only thing left is to figure out what to make for dinner.


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