5 Nifty Gadgets to Amp Up Your Holiday Crafts

If you have an interest in arts and crafts, then you likely want some helpful gadgets that can allow you to craft some awesome items. We’ve made a list of five of the niftiest gadgets that you should really look into investing in. With these items, you’ll find they’re both useful for crafts and for everyday use.

Shaped Paper Punches

When it comes to celebrating any holiday, shaped paper confetti is the way to go. By having a variety of shaped paper punches, you can make your own confetti quickly. You are sure to get use out of it after the holiday season as well. Whether you want to have it on tables as decoration for a baby shower or you want to include some in a gift box to spice up its look, shaped paper punches will make it possible.

These make it so easy to get a lot done really quickly. You can make a garland to decorate the walls or the fireplace in just a few minutes. Cutting out shapes by hand may take hours.

Paper Cutter

Trying to cut the perfect edge with your scissors can seem impossible. This holds especially true when you’re dealing with thick paper. A Fiskars craft paper cutter can be a great gadget to have laying around. We’re sure you’ll be using it more often than you may have initially thought. It will be perfect for making custom greeting cards.

This is one of the top things to add to your craft supplies if you want to turn your crafts into something a little more professional looking and a little less rustic. Scrap booking, gift tags, card making, cutting out school photos; these are all things that require a perfectly straight edge for the best results.

Bow Maker

When Christmas time rolls around, it’s likely that you’ll be using a lot of bows. These can add up depending on the number of gifts that you’re giving. You can learn how to make a bow very easily by searching for how to make a bow online. These are effortless systems that allow you to use any sort of ribbon to craft a tremendous looking bow in minutes. No more spending tons of money on bows for Christmas. You can simply make your own with ribbon that costs you a couple of bucks.

Custom ribbon bows also tend to look classier than the kind of bows you can buy in bulk. If you are a competitive gift wrapper when it comes to giving presents, this is a gadget you should try.

Rotary Cutting Mats

If you do crafts often, it’s likely that you use a rotary cutter or hobby knife. To ensure that your table stays damage-free, you should have a rotary cutting mat that you can put down. These are very easy to use and even come with painted on measurements so you can easily cut exact lines every time.

Lamination Machine

These helpful gadgets can be very useful for many things. Whether you want to laminate a membership card or a birthday card, you can do it with a lamination machine. These take a couple of seconds to heat up and many handle all different size items. Within a few seconds, the item will go through the heating element of the lamination machine and give your chosen item a solid protective barrier.

If you don’t have some of the five gadgets above, you should really consider getting them. Think about how they can help you during your normal crafting routine and in everyday life. We’re sure you can find many uses for these awesome gadgets.

Kara Masterson

Kara is a freelance writer from West Jordan who graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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